Ag-agria  10-August-2007


You are gradually getting used to the idea that you create your own reality. That makes it easier for you to accept that the conditions around you today are of your collective making. It also means that you realise that it is within your power to alter the future that you have projected through many lives. You cannot influence the greater plan that has been decreed for the end times, but you can determine how the events work out leading up to it.


Anyone who has followed the predictions for the coming years will know that there is the potential for many physical changes. How severe these may be is to a great extent dependent on the energies you create upon Earth. Such changes are inevitable and much cleansing is necessary. We as the Galactic Federation are empowered to help Mother Earth which in turn helps Mankind. We can lessen the severity of the changes, and are allowed to do it in such a way as to prevent a more critical situation than is necessary


To do more than we are allowed to by divine decree, would be to go against the natural working out of energies that you have caused to be put in place over eons of time. As much as our hearts desire to respond to your pleas for help, we must comply with the edicts of the Lords of Time for this Universe. It is a fact that we have always followed progress on Earth, and guided your evolution. However, Man has proved to be very independent at times, and also very obstinate and has preferred to follow his own inclinations.


We therefore abstain from interfering directly in your lives, as that would alter the course of your evolution that has been by your own choice. Freewill is the operative word that applies to all souls in this great Universe of which you are a part. We must accept the Will of God in such matters, as although we are to you extremely advanced both spiritually and technologically, even so we do not have the overall view of the plans for other parts of the Universe. You will understand that even we are still evolving, and in that sense are just the same as you. The whole creation of life is one great interlocking puzzle, and we understand that we must not intrude or alter the Great Plan because of its far-reaching implications.


Where you are concerned your creative energies are bound to Earth, and are not allowed to go beyond a certain level. They are contained in such a way so as not to influence or infiltrate other life forms set apart from Earth. Be assured that the Earth is of a very low vibration, and it cannot be allowed to pollute other areas outside of your boundaries. It is akin to you being in quarantine, as your negative energies can upset the balance around you. They are tied to Earth as your creations, and it is your responsibility to transmute them. This is not meant in any way as a criticism, as the whole purpose of your time upon Earth is to experience as you desire, and it is a God given right.


You have plumbed the depths and are now on your journey back to the higher realms. You entered duality as great Beings, and will leave it even greater through your evolutionary experiences. You understandably find it difficult to grasp how great you are, because you have been immersed in the lower vibrations for so long. Many of you have simply forgotten the truth, and your connection to your Higher Selves. You have become the illusion that you have created, and become lost within its myriad energies.


When it was decided to release you from your self-imposed prison, it was decreed that assistance would be given to aid your awakening. Souls who had already ascended, accepted the task to aid your evolution by taking incarnations upon Earth. Steadily their efforts have been rewarded by making you aware of the greater truths about yourself. The seeds of change have taken root, and new energies have become grounded upon Earth. Many great Beings have entered the heaviness of your vibrations to lift you up, and their efforts have gradually been successful.


The teachings of those who have led you out of the darkness have been simple. They have taught the power of Love and rekindled the Light within you. Those who have failed to recognise their own darkness, have divided and created schisms that have set Man against his brothers and sisters. Even today the dark ones create chaos and usurp law and order, demanding obedience to their false teachings. Man is fortunately now able to see through their ways that would take away his rights and freedom.


The great awakening gathers pace, and more souls are coming forward as leaders for the coming of the New Age. Very soon there shall be a great and wondrous show of unity and strength, and Man will assert his right to live his life unfettered by the dark Ones. In fact the changes are far advanced, and it only remains for certain actions to manifest. You will see rapid movements towards those events that will signal that the end times are in sight. The preparations have long been made, and many souls particularly those born in the last few decades will be ready to step forward.


Remember although wisdom is acquired through experience and you look up to your elders, these are times when old souls are coming to Earth. They are highly evolved, and bring new concepts and ways that are in accord with the needs of Humanity. Listen to what they have to say and through your intuition you will know that they bring love and understanding. Coupled with a desire to rid Man of the legacy he has carried from time immemorial, a new way is there to be opened up of Light, Kindness and Compassion. Their voices are muted by the oppressing energies of the dark, but their Light shines out strongly and nothing can stop it bringing the desirable changes you desperately need.


I am Ag-agria your brother from Sirius, a star that shines so brightly in your skies and sends its beautiful energies to you. In the near future your Earth will also become a great star, and as wonderful Light Beings you will travel as her companions. You will have reclaimed your true Self as you once were, never again to lose your sovereignty. The energies of Love permeate every cell of your body, and it is changing in readiness for your Ascension. 


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.