St.Germain  08-August-2007


Dear Ones, do you awake each morning feeling fully renewed and refreshed, ready to meet the days challenges. Or do you find you are still tired and not in the least rested, and with little enthusiasm for the day ahead. Why do some people seem to cope and handle whatever is thrown at them? I will tell you that I believe it is according to your state of mind, and this in turn is the result of your understanding and outlook on life.


Notice how those who have found their place in life are happy and joyous. They have a purpose that they have identified with, and set their sights upon it. Their awareness allows for the creation of their reality whatever that may be, and they open to new directions from their Higher Self. They move in harmony with the flow of life, and are not deterred by what is going on around them. These ones listen carefully to the intuitive promptings they receive.


What is it that distinguishes those who are calm in times of chaos, and can instil that calmness and peace in others around them? It is complete confidence in their own understanding of life, and its interconnectedness with all else. Finding that you are not separated or living your life in isolation, makes for the realisation that you are all responsible for each other. Extending that understanding so as to accept that what you do to One, you do to All, is a further revelation. Why then would you do other than treat all as equal, knowing that it will assist in the upliftment of Humanity.


The question asked is, where or how do you find that elixir of life? It is the recognition of higher spiritual forces that control the destiny of Man. The finding of your Source and connection to it and knowing that life is infinite, and regardless of whatever you choose to experience you will continue to exist. Once that realisation has been gained absolutely nothing can take away from you that firm belief, and life holds no fear for you.


Knowing of the truth releases you from the chains of duality, and no more can they hold you back. Your path in the Light opens out before you, and at last you will have found how to remove yourself from the hold of lower forces. They dance around you trying their tricks to bring you into fear, but they no longer have you in their clutches and you are free once again. What was yours yesterday has no further influence, and itís meaning has served its purpose; you have now become an enlightened Being.


What are you left with but the joy and realisation of having moved into the Light, indeed what more would you want? The search is over, and each day is a tribute to your recognition that you already have everything you need for the completion of your journey. Your Light shines out into the heavens, and signals that another human Being has found the true Source of All That Is.


The troubled mind does not sleep well, and wanders around in confusion, searching everywhere for the answers, not realising that they are within. Led by those who profess to know the truth but often deceive themselves and others. Teachers come and teachers go, and some are appointed by Heaven to lift Manís understanding to further his evolution. Out of it comes the greater truth, but often not without great hardship through many trials and tribulations. Those who oppose Man and his continual quest for truth lack understanding, and fail to grasp that truth is the only lasting path that is there for everyone.


I would say stop your running here and there, and be still. In those moments of stillness and meditative thought, make contact within and follow your intuitive guidance. It will give answers appropriate to your level of advancement, ensuring that there is a continual forward movement that ever takes you higher into the Light. Your desire to open up will ensure that it remains within reach, and progress will be assured. Help comes in several ways, including the presence of many Guides and Angelic protectors.


Look around you and instead of seeing the differences between people, see that which draws them together. See their Light and Love operating without regard to colour or creed. Recognise the God within each soul and all as part of the One. Let others follow their appointed path and lend a helping hand when required. At this time of great changes, many opportunities exist for Man to reveal his innate love and caring for those in need. Your response is some measure of your spiritual progress, inasmuch that you realise that service to others is the natural action of one who has awakened.


Through example others follow the leaders of charitable and loving acts, and great Light is created upon Earth. It is grounded and links with all similar sources in a wonderful grid of Light. It remains and grows exponentially, as the vibrations are continually lifted upwards. All happens as part of the greater upliftment that finally takes you on to Ascension. With these goals in your sights, is it no wonder that many are at peace with themselves, and it shows. Their secret is for all to share, and they can join the dedicated souls who lead the way. It is your choice by the granting of freewill, and in so doing you will lift off that load you have carried for eons of time upon your shoulders.


The worries of the world are not your personal concern, and do not add to the fear laden talk of those of the dark. Spread your Light far and wide, and give help in any way possible to those souls who struggle to overcome their plight, as they are another aspect of you as indeed are all wherever they may be. You are One and you are Gods, seeking to reveal your true identities obscured by the veils that have covered your eyes. Oneness is the panacea that you seek, expressed as Unconditional Love. When you have reached this point, you have found your true Self.


Humanity is well on the road to Ascension, and it can accommodate every soul that desires to leave duality for the realms of Light. It will come to you once you have committed yourself to be of the Light and Love. It radiates to you from many souls such as myself, and great Beings that hold the Universe in their loving hands. Accept our love and we will help lift you up. 


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.