SaLuSa  06-August-2007


As you move out of the old reality and into the new one, you should find that you are becoming more centred. You will find it easier to become detached from the everyday pull of emotions and pressures placed upon you. The old ways soon disappear to make way for new ones bringing calmness and peace. With resolute determination it will become your normal way of life.


Your interest in the mundane things of life, is replaced by an intuitive feeling of the direction you should take that rises above them. Your evolution becomes more important to you, and your energies are placed where they will do the most good. The development of Self becomes your focus, and others will note the peaceful aura that surrounds you. It is a paradox that by focussing on Self, you are helping raise others up with you. You can guide others when given the opportunity, but the most potent way is through example.


Upliftment has to start somewhere and the foundation stone for many is the acknowledgement of God. Knowing that you are part of God enables the realisation that you are all One. This brings a different outlook and understanding of everyone’s place alongside you, and that you are responsible for each other. This means that you have a greater responsibility to treat others as you would yourself, knowing that every act and thought has an effect upon the whole. This may sound difficult, but it soon becomes a way of life and you will no longer judge others but allow for their life to flow in the way that benefits their evolution.


Knowing that you are all One, should elicit that feeling of Love for all life. It enables you to understand that even those seemingly embroiled in the ways of the dark, are also holding energies that are a necessary part of the whole. Duality is your on-Earth workshop where your skills are tried out, and honed so that you can establish yourself on a higher level. Progress over eons of time has been slow, but with each life you have learnt lessons that have helped your overall development. In latter times that progress has escalated, as the increasing Light quotient has hastened the process of upliftment.


As you will know by now, everything that occurs has its purpose, and you are continually tried in the fires of the emotional reactions of those around you. It is so very easy to get involved in other people’s problems, but this is an area where unless you are invited to intervene it is best to stay away. The reason is that you are not privy to the full facts, and have no knowledge of the karmic responsibilities of those involved. I do not mean that you should ignore the call for help, such as occurred after the trauma of the tsunami, or other major disasters. Far from it as such occurrences are a measure as to much you believe that all are One, and whether you are prepared to help your brothers and sisters when they are in desperate need.


Billons of dollars are being spent on the Middle East wars. It does not need much imagination to realise how more beneficial it would be if that same money was given to save lives and restore living conditions, rather than the reverse. These times are a severe test of your determination to treat people with kindness, love and compassion. How is it that after this long period of time since Hurricane Katrina struck that many people are still homeless? Is it a case of out of sight out of mind, and what is the role of your media but to bring these plights to your Governments attention? Does it not strike you that the priorities are wrong, and that while one person is still homeless, or one mouth needs feeding it is a blight upon Humanity as a whole?


There are many good people who give of themselves to others, when their needs are essential to the preservation of their lives. However, the size of the human tragedies demands help on a global scale. How else can help be given to the millions of people made homeless in the recent floods of Bangladesh. Will the West stand idle and look the other way, or will they mobilise help in the same way that they activate their war machine. Would God have you help those in need, of course, and each tragedy whether natural or man made is an opportunity to show that you care for your Earth family.


Consider that millions of your brothers and sisters belong to the Galactic Federation, other Brotherhoods and Councils of Light that all serve mankind. They do so out of recognition of your common origin as parts of God. They do so because they have outgrown the need to put Self first, and they have become Beings of Light that follow the Will of God. You are treading upon the path to Ascension and you too will rise up and join them on those higher levels. How encouraging it would be if your conscience was spurred into responding to the needs of others, such as they do without a seconds delay.


Certainly you are more aware and awakened than at any previous period. The mass consciousness is consistently growing, and the Light is opening the eyes of more and more people. However, until you have leaders who truly reflect public opinion, there will continue to be a struggle to get an acknowledgment of the need to change direction. In fact, you are deliberately being ignored because the agenda of the dark is the priority of those who try to dictate your destiny. The future is therefore very much in your hands and through your efforts it is already changing.


The forces of Light are rapidly weakening the stranglehold of the dark, and very soon a breakthrough will occur. Their power will be removed, and immediately a new force will govern that operates for the highest good of all. The needs of the poorer people will be addressed, and a world–wide movement brought into being to deal with it. The Galactic Federation will be at the heart of it, with the personnel and technology to handle the challenge.


I am SaLuSa a Sirian member of the Galactic Federation, and looking at the turmoil upon Earth. I see the Love and Light growing, and there is every reason to be heartened by the changes that are beginning to take place. You are finding the Godself within, and directing the changes with an awakened heart. A new Light glows over the Earth and is permanently taking over.



Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.