Ker-On  03-August-2007


You will find that once you have gained control of your emotions, living in relative calm and peace becomes a way of life. Having moved on from your programmed responses that have been ingrained from childhood, you will find it to be a much more natural way. The male role in particular has been one of taking an aggressive and protective stance in life, and this conditioning has served its purpose up until now, but will no longer be necessary.


If a new Man is to emerge in readiness to take his place in the higher vibrations, the female energy must be integrated so as to achieve balance. You no longer need to set yourselves apart in that box that labels you Man or Woman. Physical differences and attributes will distinguish your gender, but beyond that you becoming a different person. The peace you seek must first come from within, and as you find that you are able to maintain such a level you exude those energies to all around you. Think of it happening on a large scale, and it is not too difficult to understand what a difference it will make.


Peace throughout the nations of the world can be enforced, but what value unless the people themselves are serious in wanting peace for everyone. Clear the decks as you might say, of all the trappings of war and replace them with co-operation and intent to again become One. It comes down to trust and open-handed dealings, and the days of manipulation and deceit should be consigned to history. To achieve this it is necessary to replace your leadership, that represents the old ways of aggression and confrontation.


Since there is a purpose to life it is useful that you take the trouble to find out what it is. Even within the times of chaos there is a plan working out, although it may not be apparent to the average person. There is a great cleansing in progress so that the next stage of your evolution can commence. By bringing the dark energies to the fore they stand before you for cleansing and transmutation, to allow for more Light to be grounded upon Earth.


You are responsible for your own creations and the period you are now, is one where you should be actively working to remove those that cannot be taken into the Golden Age. If any energy lacks balance and harmony it will be out of place in the higher dimensions. Within everyone is the potential to rise up, but then not everyone has that desire or realisation of their higher purpose. However, evolution is ongoing and you cannot stop too long in one place.


The pull of the higher vibrations will draw you out of the old pattern of life. Some souls fight to retain what they have, in the misconception that they will lose their identity if they move into the Light. They fail to realise that your present dimension is illusory and a creation of your own making. Finding your true self again is essential to your understanding, and far from taking away your identity adds another level that reveals who you truly are. Allowing yourself to flow with the new energies is your best approach, and will bring you a gentle introduction to your full potential.


One thing for sure is that once you have placed your feet upon the new path that leads to Ascension, you will never want to go back to the old ways. Life becomes more purposeful and joyful, as you create a permanent link with your Higher Self. You will be guided so that you follow the pathway to your destiny, and shown what you need to do to place your feet firmly upon it. Suddenly you find many aspects of your life coming into balance, and for many it will bring necessary changes that may even affect your work or family life situation. You are preparing for the greatest upliftment you have ever experienced, and it will release you from the cycle of duality.


What you are heading for is your return to the levels of Light that allow you to exist in absolute harmony, with all of the beauty of creation. You lose nothing and gain everything, as you find your real home in the energies of Light and Love. Your present dimension is barely within the Light, but that is changing due to the magnificent efforts of the Lightworkers. Instead of continuing on the downward path to oblivion, the tide has turned and you are glimpsing the new path that is opening up before you. It is full of hope and the manifestation of your wildest dreams of Utopia, where a heavenly existence provides that elusive happiness that you seek.


You are so near to seeing a multitude of events occurring on Earth that will lift it up in quick time. With it shall come the end of duality, and the minions of the dark will be removed to continue their chosen life style elsewhere. It is their path and way of experiencing, and until they realise their connection with the Light they cannot rise above their present limitations. They are loved as souls who carry the Light, and all have the potential to rise up again. None are abandoned, and indeed many higher Beings follow their plight looking for the first glimmer of hope that they are rising in consciousness.


Life is for you too serious to call it a game, yet in essence that is what it is and when it is over you return to your true selves. You are acting out exactly what roles you have chosen, but the rules of the game are such that you are responsible for any harm you cause others. However there is no judgement or punishment, just simply an opportunity to understand the reasons for your actions. Situations where you have erred are presented to you again, and it is almost certain that as a result lessons will be learnt. How else would you expect to evolve except through such experiences?


I am Ker-On from Venus, and many from my planet have been in the forefront of making contact with you. With First Contact we will come openly to Earth, and you will see how we are very much like you in appearance. Many of the members of the Galactic Federation are also very human looking, and these shall be the first ones to contact you. The plan has been carefully thought out, and we shall not overpower you with our presence. However, the sooner you feel comfortable with us, we can join up and forge ahead with the many projects to be carried out. You will find us easy to get on with, as we do understand you and have a great love for you and your accomplishments.


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.