Atmos  01-August-2007


As you have noticed, politics can be a dirty game and with few exceptions power has corrupted those at the top. What should have been an establishment that truly reflected the wishes of the people, has become a power base for those who further their own agendas. Decisions are taken with little reference to the people who are often lied to, as in the instance of the reasons for starting the war against Iraq.


Just for the last century we could run up a never-ending list of violations against the people. What has changed in these latter years is the awakening to the real power behind political movements, realising the motivation of the big corporations and their financial muscle to dictate the path of Humanity. Now you are exerting people power and the politicians have to take note, even if they try to ignore your protestations. Knowledge is power and through outlets such as the Internet, you are finding out the truth of how you have been manipulated.


The old guard no longer represent your wishes, and this is particularly apparent in their use of war to satisfy power hungry leaders. Enforced laws are used to send your young people to fight, kill, and maim your “enemy” and destroy their homes and infrastructure. Now you can clearly see the truth behind these false fronts, and demand that instead of war there are moves made to bring peace to the world. That of course is ignored and the old ways maintained through the contrived threat of terrorism.


There is a power far greater than any that is derived from upon Earth. It is the energy of Light, and it is rapidly being drawn to Earth and changing the balance of power. The mass consciousness is lifting up and it is reaching out for another level of understanding, so that peace can be achieved. Out of it your intent for change is gaining power, and once it reaches an optimum level no force on Earth can stop it manifesting. You are at such a stage now and the outward battle has begun. It will be quite lively as the dark forces are such, that to get them removed they will have to be totally ousted. We do not mean that we condone or advocate violence, as that is their way not ours.


The dark cannot succeed against the Light, and as its intensity grows so their authority diminishes. They will try with all of their might to cling onto their power, but it is waning and their support even from within is declining. What you are witnessing is their break up, and the collapse is likely to be sudden. Already its ability to hold sway over you is weakening, and as the truth reaches more people so the odds are being stacked up against them.


When you consider the support you are getting from the Heavenly realms, and the pathway created to allow for change, your task appears a lot easier. With the backing from the Galactic Federation, you represent a mighty force that has the potential to change everything in the twinkling of an eye. Enforcement is an option but only when the dictates of the people and the Spiritual Brotherhood are defied. There is an end date decreed for such action, but events are proceeding well, allowing for a more satisfactory outcome.


It is far better that you instigate the changes largely through your own actions. That way it will be seen as the Will of the people, and our support will not appear as interference but one of creating the opportunity for change. We have kept the balance of power for you, whilst at the same time introducing you to our members and revealing our part in your evolution. We have acted without any desire to influence you against your wishes. However, where you have desired knowledge of our association with you, we have been pleased to provide it.


You are coming out of a very materialistic era that has served its purpose well. Such an experience was necessary for your understanding, so that you could find a balance between Spirituality and Materialism. The Great Spiritual Age was eons of time ago and when it started to break up, you descended into the lower vibrations and have since reached an absolute low point. Now you are experiencing a rapid rise out of them with the promise of the Golden Age, and return to your rightful place in the higher dimensions. This was always the Great Plan for Man, and you were never going to remain in the lower vibrations indefinitely.


At all times you must remember, that you willingly accepted the challenge of experiencing your detachment from the higher energies. As highly evolved Spiritual Beings you knew that you would always have the Light with you, and the support of a multitude of other Beings from the higher realms. You have lived in the illusion of separateness for so long, that some of you still find it difficult to accept that you are all One. However, this realisation is growing in strength, and the establishments and societies that have promoted different ideas are beginning to awaken to the truth.


The truth is simple and not embroidered in mysteries, and our coming will allow for the clarification of your beliefs. The myths and misunderstanding related to your history will be removed, and you will see that the truth is much easier to accept. We come to you because we are One, and understand that all creations have resulted from the Creator’s desire to experience itself. We are part of each other, and will remain linked forever on our journey through the never-ending realms that stretch into Infinity. Even we cannot know everything and are still learning about creation. It is so vast and full of life in the different expressions conceived by the mind of the Creator.


Your opportunity to travel the Universe and beyond, will come your way once you have ascended. As one with a restored Super Consciousness, you will have earnt your right to take your place in the highest realms. Life is a never-ending experience that is gradually directing you on the path back to the Source. Through your journey many Beings of Love and Light have accompanied you and it will always be so, and you too are destined to serve others in the same way. Your potential to give freely of your love will truly manifest with the re-uniting of your Higher Self with your lower Self. 


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey