Atmos  08-April-06


Each week promises to bring developments that will give clear signals that matters on Earth are reaching a conclusion.  Certainly there is much that has progressed to the point where something will have to give before very long. For our part we try to direct the activities of our allies in such a manner that they will bring the desired results. Our efforts are largely taken up by keeping a close watch on the plans of the dark, as they still harbor thoughts of engendering fear on a large scale. Their ambitions have no limitations, and we detect a measure of panic as they lose their grip. We shall do whatever is allowed to prevent a major incident, that could involve many people and be the prelude to declaring Martial Law.


We are now marking off the days when we shall be allowed to come to Earth, which will be preceded by an announcement to that end. You will notice that our approach will be very diplomatic, and we have studied your protocol so as to conform to your traditions. We are intending to approach you cautiously, but with determination that will show our intention to carry out our responsibilities to ensure that the necessary changes commence. We have not waited patiently for some 10 years to be thwarted at the last hurdle. Our plans are exact and measured to solve the problems you currently have upon Earth.


Most important is our mission to help you in the realization of what Ascension means to you, and how you may negotiate the next few years. Soon all of the heartache and sorrows will be put aside, to be replaced by happiness and joy. Love will seem to abound everywhere, and a side of Humanity that has been held back will again blossom. Fear will be replaced by Love, and great strides will be made in bringing countries together, in a common purpose to bring peace to every quarter.


You will soon see how your lives have been manipulated by the Illuminati, and through their removal abundance will return. Freedom will be fully restored to people who will work with each other in complete trust and partnership. We shall be moving amongst you, and together we will fulfill the plan that will see you march triumphantly to Ascension. With your co-operation we shall make short work of the various tasks that confront us. It will be an enjoyable time and exciting for the people of Earth, as they are finally released from the present cycle of duality.


You will be entitled to be well satisfied with what you have achieved, as you have touched the depths of darkness yet have risen up again. You will have carried out a great service beyond your ability to understand at present, and it is will be Universal in its effect upon others. You needed great courage to take on such a challenge, but your faith in God was so complete that you had no hesitation whatsoever. Now you are to prepare for lifting up, and that will be a simple task for you as your vibrations rapidly increase.


Walk in your own Light but share it with others, and you will be instrumental in lifting the whole. As you become more sensitive to the incoming energies, you will realize how powerful they are and know that they are bringing changes to your body. It is the cleansing that has to take place, and even within each Being it is necessary to release anything that has its origin in the dark. It is no shame to have carried such energies, and there is not one amongst you that has not experienced them. However, there will be no place for them in the very near future.


Be inspired by your vision of what all of this means, and create love wherever you go by being Love Incarnate. It is possible to achieve this condition now, but you will need all of your resolve to maintain it to the exclusion of what happens outside of you. In time each and every one of you will reach this plateau if you so desire, and now is your opportunity to begin. The energies coming to Earth are increasing all of the time, and speeding up the whole process. It is there for the taking if you are ready to keep your focus strongly centered.


Dear Ones, you are simply wonderful Beings who have shown that the Love and Light can survive the most deliberate attack upon it by the Dark forces. You have persevered under the most heinous attacks, and protected your soul from the most determined assaults upon you. Now the dark are being ejected as their time has all but expired. Now the Light will stand supreme with every soul within it, no longer to be oppressed or restricted. Superconsciousness shall be yours as you return to that high station you originally came from.


I am Atmos, and I endeavor to create a welling up inside you of the recognition of your greatness and power. The energy will make you feel lighter, such as you describe in terms of walking on air. Your thoughts will continually embrace the Light, and the earthly vibrations will have less affect on you. You are already beginning to know your true self, and this is only the start. Know that Ascension will be the pinnacle of your achievements. Also know we support you all of the way with our loving energies, and we are there for you if you but call our name.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.  


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