St. Germain  07-April-06


Following on my last message about the dimensions immediately above the Earth’s, I would like to continue with further comments. Whatever part of the world you leave behind when your transition tales place, you will find yourself in a similar location to the one you left. In Nirvana there are areas that represent every place upon Earth, and also the different time periods. Some who pass over will carry on living in the same one, until the time arrives when another incarnation is arranged. You can move around but there are some limitations so as to preserve the peace in another time period different to your own. It is a matter of whether you simply visit a time slot in history out of interest, or return to one in which you took an active part.


In Nirvana there is no division of day and night, as light is constant. Furthermore, you have no need for a measure of time as such and it is unnecessary. It happens that you eventually lose your sense of what time it is upon Earth, as that is no longer important. There is however contact with people still incarnate, and through them the more personal aspects of life upon Earth are understood. Most contact is during their sleep period, when many meet their friends and loved one’s. The fact that very few remember such meetings when they return to Earth, is because their memory of them is purposely veiled. The reason is that you have day to day responsibilities, which must not be disturbed by your thoughts about what is happening off Earth. It would otherwise be too easy for your attention to be diverted away from important matters that affect your life plan.


It is possibly true to say that your loved one’s who have gone before you know more about your progress upon Earth than you do. They are allowed to follow your life within certain parameters, but not in any sense of interference. For example, you may need helpful advice to overcome problems and they are sometimes able to influence you in a way that points you in the right direction. They can do this because they see the larger greater picture, and have an awareness of other peoples input into your life. Many of you sense your loved ones around you, and they try to reach you with their thoughts. Sometimes you will awake from your slumbers, and sense that you have met them but unaware of the details.


Help comes to you in many ways, and great interest is taken in how your life is progressing. You tap into a number of sources, including your Guides and Higher Self. What you often call coincidence, is a well planned event that is set up especially for you. Whether it is positive or negative, it is meant to be part of your experience and has meaning for the completion of your life plan. It may seem that many experiences are of little significance, but you may see it quite differently at some future time.


Think of how many influences there are in your life, and how much advice you get. It comes at you from all quarters and in the end it is you who have to make the decision. This is why it is necessary for you to have a specific goal in mind but have no fear that you will go astray for long, as efforts will be made by your Guides to get you back on your path again. If your life should seem aimless, perhaps you should look at yourself and question whether you have missed opportunities to progress. Have you put off what you could have already done, when deep down you know that you should have gone ahead?


As you have freewill you may ask whether it matters what you do, and the answer is yes it does. When you leave this life you will become aware of what the purpose was, and in that greater understanding you will certainly be disappointed if opportunities to progress have been missed. Earth is a school of life, and is surely most remarkable inasmuch that each and every person interacts, and yet you will each have your personal path amongst them. It is not always necessary for you to have an ongoing contact with people that come into your life. Some come for a brief moment never to return, but that meeting may clear up a point of Karma. There is a way in which your Guides can call upon another soul to briefly help you, as a payment in kind for a good deed given them. This may have occurred in another lifetime, and events often work out in such a way.


Although you are all in the end times, many are still embracing the old way and happy to continue doing so. For them this period is most important as by its very nature it offers so many opportunities to progress. They will eventually leave Earth for further lifetimes on the new one that is prepared for them, and will take their experiences with them. For them it will appear as one continual experience as they will still be in the 3D vibration. One day in the future they will again reach a point that offers Ascension, and many more will have achieved a level of advancement that will enable them to take it.


Understand that the young child is not at a disadvantage, and many who are now upon Earth are in fact very old souls who have an understanding far beyond those who are around them. In the last years approaching Ascension the young will grow up much quicker than present, and there will be many changes of this nature. The higher vibrations will affect everyone to some degree, and remarkable changes will be noted in those preparing to ascend. It is already in progress, but will speed up as time goes by because of the lifting up of the vibrations.


I am St. Germain, and I want you to understand how this present period affects you all, as it is one of intense action. It is a clearing out and also a clearing up of the old to make room for the new. So much is happening, and out of the apparent confusion will soon come a clear indication of where everyone is going. The realities are changing and manifesting the paths that lead to the completion of this cycle. Remember, that it is all carried out at the behest of the Creator, and in so doing it is supported by Beings who know nothing but immense love for you all. We are All One in this great experience that carries us ever forward.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.

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