St. Germain  06-April-06


There are many of you who follow the various messages that come through a large number of sources, and you will certainly have heard of Ascension.  At this stage you may wonder if providing you aspire to be one who ascends, whether that will be your final act. You may also consider whether your life plan has another pathway, but may not yet know what it might be. Clearly none can stay on the existing Earth, because as you are aware by now Ascension is by no means solely confined to the Human Race. It is an event of enormous implications that will not only affect the Earth, but indeed the whole Universe.


Those who have no interest in their spiritual development, will have little if any knowledge of the great events that are taking place now. In their own way they are part of what is happening, but pulled along by circumstances rather than through choice. They often figure in the traumas of Earth, such as the tsunami and through it complete their life cycle. As strange as it may seem they are joyful upon their arrival in Nirvana, and release for them from the burdensome nature of their lives brings much relief. Like everyone else they will have grown in their consciousness and have learnt many lessons.


Each and every one of you has come into life with a specific plan, and whilst in exercising your freewill you may not fulfill every aspect, the end time is pre-ordained. Leaving Earth at the end of your life is not traumatic, but the period leading up to it may be particularly if you have had a long lasting illness. As soon as you arrive in Nirvana which some know as the Summerland, you are met by your Dear Ones who can allay any fears carried over. You are also met by those who are the healers, and they work with you to overcome any mental or emotional damage. It is soon put right and a happy state follows when it is realized how restful and beautiful these dimensions are, and you are soon completely restored to good health. No earthly illness or disability is carried forward, and in that respect it is a much easier life than when you were on Earth.


I have spoken of those who will leave Earth, who have not reached the point where Ascension is a realistic goal. Those of you who expect to ascend are given the assurance that your loved One’s who will not accompany you, will be happy and well cared for after they leave this dimension. The truth is you have forged many strong links with other souls during your many lifetimes on Earth. Some will eventually travel with you, and others may cross your path or recreate a link for special purposes.


For those of you who have already been attracted by the idea of Ascension, it may be safely assumed that you are indeed on that path. By your very desire to be part of the lifting up, you will have created ahead of you the very opportunities that will lead you onwards. It will be very much on your mind and you will almost certainly be working on your own development. I would like you to know that you have Guides from our dimensions, and if you meet obstacles or lose your way, call on them for guidance. It is the strong desire of all who help you along your path that you should succeed. Never lose heart, keep a positive outlook and resolve to see this challenge through.


The magnificence and importance of the lifting up cannot be overstated as it so essential to your evolution. As you return to full consciousness so you will learn of your past lives, and see how you have contributed to the whole. This knowledge will also help decide your future, as you will almost certainly find you have followed a path that has been clearly defined and planned for you. Our channel Mike has frequently incarnated into the different religious groups, and has directed his energies to become a teacher to others. There are usually trends you follow that will qualify you in your chosen path. Remember that at any time, you are calling on all of your previous experiences to further your understanding. Everything that you have learnt will have a bearing on your future choices.


If you have not yet realized your path in life, do not worry as all will become clear in the very near future. As the veil is further removed so your consciousness will return in full. You will learn of your special place in the scheme of things, right back to the time when you took on the challenge of duality. Sometimes you get flashbacks to previous lives, or strong impressions of what you have experienced, and that will gradually happen more frequently. You are waking up to your true self, never again to be without that awareness. You think of us as way beyond you in experience, but it is not as much as you might imagine. You will rise up into the higher dimensions and many of you will stand at our shoulders.


Allow yourselves to acknowledge who you really are, and believe in your ability to be co-creators with God. You already are now but the results are not immediately apparent. At present it is more a group effort, but soon you will create as an individual. A totally different form of life awaits you, one in which you are freed from restrictions and have a positive say in what path you will take. The Universe is one great playground but nevertheless it is to be taken seriously, and a clear purpose will accompany your choice of the next path. As always there will be higher souls to consult who will offer you their guidance.


I am St. Germain and as Ascension approaches ever closer, you will be reminded of what it means to you. It is an event that should be welcomed with great joy and happiness, as it allows you to move on. Your time on Earth is drawing to a close, and you will have no regrets as your journey has all but been completed. What lies ahead is a glorious opportunity to set your sights on a path that will take you into the beyond, and through never ending dimensions. These are of sheer beauty and will far excel any ideas you already have of them. You have rarely touched the magic and felt the purity of the energy that pervades the higher dimensions. It will be something wonderful to look forward to, and you will feel quite at home as in reality it is not new to you at all.


For the present concern yourselves with the last days upon Earth, there will be much work to do. There will be a coming together unparalleled in this current cycle, but first the cleansing must take place. You feel time speeding up now but soon it will pass even quicker, and events will take place at breath taking speed. All is ready and now there is the final thrust of Light to come that will signal both the end and the true beginning of Ascension, as you place both feet on that path. Great loving energies continue to flow to Earth and you are noticing their affect upon you, and aspect, the end time is pre-ordained. gradually detaching yourself from the old vibrations.


Than you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey           

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