Ker-On  05-April-06


Someone said that “Love makes the world go round” and certainly it can be considered the motive power. It is the energy above all others and has many different levels of _expression. There is the selfish and forceful love of another human, that becomes domineering and demands obedience. Love is expressed in a way that becomes restrictive and often carries jealousy along with it. Love is sometimes a misnomer for lust which again is the serving of self. Love can be given to animals or inanimate objects, so much so that its loss can create a major crisis in a person’s life. Love can lift you to the heights, and just as quickly allow you to sink into the depth of depression. Love can be for self to the exclusion of anyone else.


Love is that energy when given unconditionally that asks for nothing in return. When you have reached a point that allows you to understand its function and give freely of it, you will have evolved to that point where you are ready to ascend. You will be a true reflection of the god you really are whilst still in your physical body. It becomes a way of life that many aspire to but find difficult to maintain. Once you have discovered the path to success you will grow with experience, and certainly reach your goal.


Unconditional love does not require that you neglect self and indeed it is important to love yourself exactly for what you are, knowing that you will always strive to rise higher. Once you can give of yourself to others, you also set a standard that they will aspire to as they see how peaceful and fulfilling your life has become. It does not mean that you allow yourself to be taken advantage of and your love will be directed where it does the most good. It is working within your means and abilities to give of that which can be of great help to others.


Currently there are many of you who are giving of yourself and are the true Lightworkers on Earth. Every offering of love increases the Light quotient and by so doing it makes it easier for others to follow suit. Have you not been impressed by the energies emanating from someone who has found their peace within? Ones who are able to spread their love far and wide, and see only the good in others. They are on a mission to anchor love on this planet, and it is not by coincidence that they are here at this important time. Many Dear Ones have chosen this historic time to serve others, and bring truth and understanding to Earth.


If you can stand in love and give of it freely you are making a measured difference to the vibrations of Earth. See how you attract others to you who feel good in your presence, and you can actually uplift them while they are with you. It is a short step to becoming a healer and it often occurs when the energy is felt by those near to you, and your words will also carry your energy. Most of it takes place quite naturally, but consider how much more potent it would be when directed by deliberate choice. Prayer or thoughts shaped to do good can be focused upon the subject you have in mind. There is no limit to the size of the challenge you undertake, as you have far more power than you realize.


You may wish to heal the Earth, so go ahead and visualize it and surround it in Light. See it in your minds eye from the outside, and imagine that beautiful blue orb being cleansed of the dark spots. Mother Earth would welcome your attention, as she is often forgotten and needs your love every bit as anyone else. There are ways in which she is helped on a more practical level, and we work with her to alleviate stress and tension within her tectonic plates. We are also allowed to keep pollution down, but in the ultimate it is work that you will also be involved in very soon. It is your place to “clear up” after you, and we shall help you so that the task is not overwhelming.


Our contact with you is born out of love for all life forms. However, we do have a special attachment to you and responsibility to ensure that your path to Ascension is always there for you. We also have a direct command from the councils that oversee our activities, as there is a plan that must be seen through to ensure your safety and success. You are largely aware of the dangers presented by the last cabal, and we see their intended path to pursue their own agenda. Rest easy in spite of what you hear, we are in control and will only allow a certain degree of progress on their part. They are so focused on their plans that they cannot see how these will spell their own downfall. The survival of life upon Earth is a serious business and we do not take your fears lightly, but know that we are always a step ahead of the dark and their minions.


Sometimes you are asked to send Light and Love to those who would manacle you in irons, and make Earth your prison. Know that if you can find it in your heart to do so it will be a great service to the rest of Humanity. Absolutely no one can stop the energies of love from affecting them, even if they have no perception of what is happening. You can help soften the most hardened heart with your intention to focus upon individuals acting in the dark. This is in no way imposing it upon them, as whilst they have that God spark within, they will respond through the Law of Attraction.


Your life experiences are a continual brush with love, or lack of love and you learn so much through them. Some are influenced by love stories or films, and along with your real life experiences you are always determining how it should be expressed in your own life. You see how possessive love can be overpowering and damaging to a relationship. It is so important that you understand that true love asks for nothing in return. Love all as yourself, and know that there is so much Unconditional Love coming from us to you. Above all else, know you are held in the Love of the Creator, the Love that permeates All That Is.


I am Ker-on from Venus the planet of Love, and I see a growing Light around Earth that is creating the conditions for change. You are truly wondrous, and so many are dedicated to fully bringing the Light to Earth. You are succeeding, and no power on Earth can prevent it manifesting in full. I can only say that we of The Galactic Federation have much admiration for your tenacity and determination to carry this cycle through to a glorious finale.


Thank you Ker-On.


Mike Quinsey.     

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