SaLuSa  04-April-06


The Earth is a showcase for so many different forms of life wherever you look. It was seeded in such a way that they represented many life forms adapted from other planets in your Universe. When you visit other planets you will see the connection, particularly with your four legged variety of animals. Like yourselves, all are created to exist in your environment, and the Earth itself has everything that you need for your it. Understandably, you take all of it for granted as it has always been with you.


Even in the relatively short period of development over the last 12,000 years, you have found evidence of Manís ingenuity and imagination in the buildings and artifacts that have survived. Coming into the more recent period, you have made enormous advances particularly in your manufacturing industries. We have helped with the sudden leaps forward, and we have impressed ideas upon those capable of responding. We do not however restrict your use of new found knowledge, and it has lead to many discoveries finding their way into the military complex.


With your freewill it is your choice as to how you use your knowledge, and we are saddened to see that its primary use is in developing the weapons of war. If it was first applied to the needs of humanity, you would certainly have been in a much more advanced society than you are now. In pursuing the path of world wide domination, the global powers have suppressed much knowledge that could have benefited everyone. There is really no need for starvation to be so rampant, and adequate water supplies could be available for those in deprived areas. The basic needs could be easily met now if the technology available was released.


In a world that is geared to profit, greed is endemic and the few have gathered in enormous wealth at the expense of others. It has become the survival of not just the fittest, but also the greediest who consider their success is well earnt. Conditions exist that could be remedied with little effort, but life has made people become self centered and lacking in love and caring. We sometimes wonder how anyone can give acknowledgement to their God, and at the same time treat others as though they are alien to them. That you are one Human race is beyond doubt, but what is lacking is the understanding that you are all souls from the same source.


There is also insufficient understanding of life in its continuous form through incarnation. Life goes on into Infinity and you are all helping to prepare that path for each other, whether you realize it or not. If you are of the kind who consider that death is the complete end of life, it seems to us that you find no purpose except perhaps to enjoy it whilst you can. Is it not odd that when creation is so vast and clearly one of great order and discipline, that life itself should be considered so short and apparently pointless? We believe that people still have a subconsciousness feeling that life is not all that simple. Any interest in Natureís way of re-birth is an obvious sign of how a pattern exists that allows for the continuation and re-birth of life.


There is an element of fear attached to believing in re-incarnation, because it infers that you do have responsibility for your actions. Along with perhaps an understanding of Godís that demand obedience at the risk of punishment, it can be frightening to contemplate the unknown. It need not be this way at all, but history is full of examples where the Godís have shown their anger against people and even their own. Consider for a moment that it was the people who attracted such kind of Godís to themselves, or created them through the Priests of the day. This gave power to those who administered to the people, and that authority becomes hard to relinquish.


Some people are still confused by the various religions, especially as they find other groups that promote an entirely different way. This will change and not because you will be made to come into the Light of Truth. It will happen because you will be enabled you to understand the fundamental teachings, that convey the truth of who you really are and God will be seen as the guiding principle of All Love. When the truth is revealed it will remove much that is misleading, and allow people to find that common ground of belief and come together.


Dear Ones, we do see the difficulty you have in discerning what the truth is about your own creation. However, when it is given to you it will make good sense, as somewhere within your consciousness you do know it already even if it has become clouded. Because we are technologically advanced does not necessarily mean we are also more spiritually advanced. However, as members of The Galactic Federation we can tell you that we would not be allowed into it unless we were sufficiently evolved. You may ask why the people of Earth have a place reserved in it. That is because it is already known that great numbers of you are lifting your selves up, and by the end of this cycle will have earnt that place with us. No one else carries out the choosing as that is up to you, but you earn it through your dedication and determination to leave duality behind.


I am SaLuSa and from Sirius, and your path will join with ours after Ascension. They are already converging together, and as the incoming energies lift you even more, you shall experience a much clearer understanding of life in the Cosmos. It is your natural home, and you shall be returning to the higher levels from where you originally came. All is in continual movement, and like us you will still aspire to raise yourself up to even higher levels. Each step reveals greater beauty and harmony, and Love is the energy that holds all together.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.        

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