St. Germain  03-April-06


It is very difficult to convey in words exactly what Ascension means to you, as words are really inadequate. It is the completion of not just a cycle that started over 25,000 years ago. It is one that has been of immense time, from when you first descended from the higher dimensions into the more material state of being. Now after many, many lifetimes in which you have accrued much experience, the cycle is drawing to a close. You are returning once more to the higher realms with a vast storehouse of knowledge and experience. What you have achieved is the understanding of duality that can be used for the benefit of others.


When you answered the call from Higher Beings to experience freewill, you approached it as a service to others. You entered the lower realms slowly but surely, and adjusted to the changes in a way that you hardly noticed what was happening. This was more easily accommodated by you, as you were shielded from the realization of what it meant to lose touch with your Higher Self. You immersed yourselves completely in your roles, and in this last cycle you reached an absolute low point. With help to light your way up again, you have now suddenly awoken to your true selves. It has taken many attempts to lift your consciousness, so that you could accept your greatness and Godliness.


In the midst of attempts by the dark to hold you back, many have still doubted the presence of the Light. They see nothing but chaos, and no way out of a path that seems to be leading Humanity to destruction. It is a time that calls for a strong resolution not to be drawn into the fear laden tactics that are calculated to keep you down. However, sufficient of you have already overcome the effect of the lower energies, and you are able to stay positive and in so doing help others to join you.


Ascension is such a great occasion for you, and is it no wonder that the whole Universe is focusing upon this corner that holds the Earth. Many Beings from all over are gathering to see the wonderful event that is unfolding. Some are here and have a direct interest in you, because they are your family from the Star Nations. These are the ones with whom you have your closest ties, and many of you will return with them when this cycle ends. Not everyone of the Light will ascend, as some of you have only come in recent times to bring more understanding and knowledge to Earth. You have already ascended in a previous cycle and are not required to do it again.


Over a period of time leading to the close of the last century, a number of end time options presented themselves and passed you by. Earlier you could have easily annihilated all life upon the Earth, and that was not planned but a result of your headlong rush into the use of nuclear weapons. Fortunately that risk passed by, but disaster has always been just around the corner. With the approach of the Millennium the focus came upon the apocalyptic prophecies, and many were prepared for the end of the world. That also passed by, and with it came a grand upliftment in your consciousness to open up the Ascension pathway.


The Ascension was always the intended conclusion to this cycle, and your achievement in making it possible was greeted with much joy. For our part we of the Heavenly Councils and Brotherhoods worked incessantly to help you along. You responded magnificently, and the Light is now the major force on Earth, and increasing all of the time. You have made it possible to fulfill the ages old prophecy of the Maya’s, that this cycle should end by 2012. Now there is but a short time left, but sufficient to ensure that the final changes are completed in time for a wonderful going through.


Forget how chaotic times are now, it is but the final act of the dark who are isolating themselves by their very actions. The old reality is fast disappearing never more to return. The new reality is here already and beginning to manifest before your very eyes. Look around and see if you can sense what is changing, and know that first and foremost it is your collective consciousness. Lightworkers all around are feeling empowered with new energy, and many are fulfilling their special tasks to ground the Light upon Earth. Some have been helping others to understand the nature of the changes, and encouraging them to move into the Light. There is a mighty movement forming that has taken charge of events on Earth, and waits only for the last cabal to be removed. Then, and only then can the final plan begin in earnest and it will speedily go ahead.


Lightworkers your time has arrived, one that you have built towards often unknowingly. No longer will you work behind the scenes or in secret, you will be seen for your dedication to your undertakings. Credit will be given where it is due, and you shall become able leaders who will take others forward in the completion of their final journey. The way will be cleared by many who wait to arrive on planet Earth, who will also bring technologies and knowledge that will speed up the last days. Some of you are still uncertain about Heavenly Beings, but they will also arrive at this time and I shall be amongst them. Our coming is something that has occurred throughout your past, and in reality we have never left you. You may not always have known our true identity, but we have left our many names in the pages of history.


I am St. Germain, and when I tell you that you are great Beings it is no idle comment. You once knew of your illustrious past and desire to help others by coming into duality. Before you leave, you will again know in no uncertain way who you are, and returned to full consciousness. We have an exciting plan to restore your freedom, and with it you shall perform good works. Poverty and hardship will quickly disappear to give way to abundance through the sharing of all wealth. The Love and Light will shine brightly upon Earth, and the Universe shall know you have risen up. The news will reverberate through all of the Heavenly Kingdoms and they will rejoice, and come together in Love for you.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.         


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