St. Germain  22-April-06


Dear Ones in knowing of Ascension, many ponder exactly what it means and as to whether there is formula that will allow an individual onto its path. It is a step onto a greater path of awareness and an expanded consciousness. It is an uplifting of the vibrations through the bringing in of Light to every cell of your physical body. So much so, that the very structure changes with the speeding up of the vibrations. Ascension is the rising up from the lower vibrations to a point where nothing can exist in the Light, except that of the truth. It is a progression that is part of your evolution that will eventually come to all souls. It is denied to no one, and available to all.


If you could for one moment recall your experiences in the higher realms, you would not wish to remain in duality any longer than you needed. However, so as not to distract you from your purpose in dropping into the lower realms, you allowed yourselves to be veiled from your true selves. It would not have suited your plan to fully know that you were Beings of Light that had total awareness of your source. To let yourself be absorbed by the lower vibrations was necessary to enable your full experience.


Ascension is a natural development that follows your rise in consciousness. As you move forward there comes a time when a quantum leap is possible, and this is the phase you are in now. When the consciousness reaches a critical mass there is an “explosive “burst” of energy that carries you through into the higher dimension. You cannot go with this energy unless you are ready, and I refer not to your desire to do so but your preparation. Your Guides will know when you are, and they will direct your efforts in becoming part of the Ascension process. It is a conscious decision that is made, that calls on you to become as a Christed one and live in the Light. As you will know from previous messages, the ego has to be tamed and also become a servant to the Light. Most importantly you have to open up a channel to your Higher Self, and follow the promptings that you receive. Your actions and thoughts will be based on the concepts of spreading Love and Light in all you do.


Whilst there is no exact formula that you can use, there are milestones in your development that will show you where you are. Start with the desire and intention to rise up, and as you achieve success you will notice how much easier it is to maintain. Also, as you release yourself from the lower energies, a new found freedom will emerge where you will feel in total control of your emotions and feelings. You will not only be aware of your ability to control them, but able to move amongst those harboring the dark energies without ill effect. It is becoming focused and always at ease no matter what happens without. Of course it takes time to reach this point, and even so you will continue to be tested.


With the realization of what you are capable of it should give you strength to forge ahead. Never tell yourself you cannot do it, but be positive and affirm that you will. It is different if it is not your choice, and Ascension must be accepted because of your freewill. It is your release from duality, and your transition into the Golden Age of utter bliss and harmony. Could but you see it you would have no hesitation in devoting your time to achieving success. In the context of the time you have already spent in the lower vibrations, this remaining period is but a blink of the eye.


So much help is available to you once you have set out on the path to Ascension. We of the White Brotherhood are dedicated to helping all following in our footsteps. We hold out a helping hand and we invite you to join us, and we offer our love and invite you to use it. It is the energy that permeates All That Is and layers the different dimensions way into infinity. The god within is you and linked with the God without wherever that energy resides, and consequently you are all part of the whole. Think on it and understand that what you do to one, you do to all. This is why Ascension is a great responsibility, yet is your natural way of drawing to yourself the harmony and beauty of the Heavenly Realms.


Knowing of Ascension, who would choose a path to anything less except the “unknowing”. Even so, by being here at this time they too will carry deep subconscious memories forward that will serve them well. The opportunity for Ascension will come again, and it is likely that many of you will be in the role of teachers to those who express the desire to take the next opportunity. Serving others is the most beautiful _expression of love, and so it goes on cycle after cycle until all are at One with the Source of All.


I am St. Germain, and I encourage anyone who is wavering and doubtful of their success, to apply themselves with dedication and they will be helped to keep moving onwards. Once you sense success it will become easier, and you will give of your love without a second thought. True love never asks for anything in return, and the greatest pleasure is in the giving. It is a most natural way of being when you have mastered the dark energies and your ego. Think well of yourselves and do not be hard on others, as very rarely do you understand the reason for the pattern in another’s life. You have each chosen a specific path to achieve your goal, so allow all to express in their own way, and in their own time. We give you encouragement, and we give of our unlimited love.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.