Atmos  21-April-06


There can be no doubt that you are on the verge of great happenings. Many groups, particularly within the armed forces are extremely dissatisfied with the duties they are called to perform. You have but a handful of people running your country and their agenda is becoming increasingly unpopular. There are moves well advanced to remove your leadership, and it remains to be seen if you can sustain the strength and will to see them through.


No longer can America call the tune for everyone else, and your economy is precariously balanced and liable to collapse. Talks with China have just taken place and they hold the key to this situation. Your future no is longer in your own hands, and new monetary systems and different methods of trading are essential on a world basis. All of these matters are to be reviewed after First Contact, and no meaningful advances can be made just now. There has to be co-operation and a sensible re-assessment of the way in which you conduct business between you.


These are times when the truth is coming out, and you can see where there is lack of unity and clarity of purpose. It is in the interests of everyone that you pull together, and with an openess that would signal an intention to become one family upon Earth. Division and separateness are the ways of the dark, and there has to be a coming together in the interests of everyone. Corruption is also an off shoot of the mentality that is rife in most Governments, where it is everyone for themselves. You have true and honest representatives, but their presence is overshadowed by the overwhelming interests that serve self rather than all.


It is a fact that without some major changes, it would have taken too long for you to establish a different way of working. Change is usually the result of pressures forced upon those in your leadership. They resist and meantime the situation worsens when it calls for radical change. This feeling of upheaval and the need to remove the tyrants and Dictators from all countries, is leading to revolt and mass dissension amongst the people. With our coming, we will ensure that only those who we know can be trusted and already work in the Light will be appointed to places of power and authority. Hitherto, your method of selection processes has allowed anyone to put themselves forward, whether they are suitable to represent you or not. We have the advantage of knowing you as you truly are without the outer veneer which can be very misleading.


Events like everything else are speeding up, and we look forward to a breakthrough which is soon to take place. The opportunity has been created, and we will be with those who are destined to bring it about. Our direct intervention would be a last resort, and as you now know we look towards you to be the ones principally involved in bringing the changes about. One way or another, the inevitable will come into manifestation, and the energies continue to build up to a critical level. The human consciousness has awakened and expanded, and it has a snowball affect as it grows more quickly than any time previously.


We commend all who tirelessly work in the Light of understanding, and tell you that you will soon see the fruits of your efforts. Your love for your fellow man is exemplary and you have honored your vows to lead and guide others who are not so aware. This is the way Spirit works, and you reflect our Light in the same way as we serve you. Love is energy in motion and it permeates all that exists, it is the universal glue that holds all together. From the highest to the lowest the love energy is available to all. You simply need to refine yourself, and find a direction in your life that creates a movement towards all that is of the highest order. Where your fellow travelers divert their path to experience the ways of the dark, leave them to fulfill those desires. All of you have at times chosen such lives, and it is part of your reason for coming to Earth.


Look upon all as necessary and valuable experience, without which you would not progress. The Earth has provided all that you could possibly wish, and yet it has reflected your own desires and responded to those energies. It is still taking place, and because you are in the end time there is the culmination of age long energies that are now in need of clearing. The more you can do this through your thoughts and actions, the less severe will be the response from Mother Earth. She will ultimately orchestrate her own cleansing, and it is inevitable as they embody major changes that you could not handle.


The Earth is the focal point for everything that is happening in your solar system, as it carries the lower vibrations. These must be lifted up, and your efforts to ground the higher energies have been very successful. It is a joint effort that starts with energies being beamed to Earth from the Central Sun of this Universe, and these are carried forward and refined until they can be handled by you. The energies in their original form would be far too powerful to be received without adjusting them for you.


I am Atmos, one of your contacts from The Galactic Federation and we observe all that is happening upon Earth. Never fear that we will be unable to fulfill our obligations to you, as there is a plan that is blessed and decreed by the Creator that requires the upliftment of your Universe. Mere mortals cannot stand in the way of its manifestation, or alter the outcome. You can therefore continue your good work, and with your allegiance to the Light bring it to Earth without concern for the outcome. Your victory over the dark forces is assured, and it will not be long before you will see the signs that herald the changes that are so desired. Keep your Light shining, and let nothing deter you as you are more powerful than you realize, and nothing can move you from your path unless you allow it. Love and Light come with this message from your family in Space, and we say “well done”.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.