SaLuSa  19-April-06


Multitudes of planets swirl around disappearing in deep space, and many out of the sight of your most powerful telescopes. There is life in abundance and all planets are eventually seeded according to the type of life forms desiring to inhabit it. Variety is never ending inasmuch that every conceivable experience that you could envisage can be found. The Earth is in the way of a unique planet as it reflects the beauty and design that is to be found on many others.


The preparation of Earth for Man was a mission lovingly carried out by countless powerful Beings, who undertook such a task in service to you. In your time count it took millions of years to develop the land masses and turn them into a veritable Garden of Eden. The animals both on land and in the sea were brought to Earth and adapted so as to survive in your environment. In laboratories off world, many had to be genetically altered but still largely resemble the original blueprint. When the time arrives for you to visit other planets you will therefore see many animals that are familiar to you. It is not just the physical aspects that are important, but for procreation and survival there is also a matter of instinctive consciousness. It is necessary to ensure that each

species is allowed to develop and yet still adjust to environmental and climatic changes.


Your stories of creation tell you that Man was introduced to the planet, and is certainly not the evolutionary development from a single cell. It is true that Man is a separate species, but was not originally introduced as you are today. You are what could be called modern Man, and the result of genetic engineering that has improved your capability to develop an expanded consciousness. Different species of Man have run along side each other, but there has been a process of selection that has brought you to where you are today. Neolithic Man is representative of the older form with a far more limited brain capacity than you have today, and followed by Cro-Magnon Man. If you could go back to much earlier civilizations you would find yet different species of Man which have long disappeared from your planet, of which you have little knowledge if at all.


Evolution is not some haphazard or chance happening, and it is a blueprint that is carefully worked out to enable a gradual growth that keeps apace with the ups and downs of dimensional shifts. Yet for all of your development you are still using so little of your true brain capacity, and that situation will change before you reach the point of Ascension. Already your DNA is opening up and in the awakening of your consciousness you will actually feel the “expansion”. It is returning to you levels that were commonplace with some of your more recent civilizations who reached a certain peak similar to your present one. Atlantis was the last magnificent continent that was spiritually inspired, and there were periods of time when their consciousness was so high that the Masters walked the Earth.


You have such an exciting and busy period of development ahead of you. We have traveled such a path already and are therefore well versed in what help you will need. Everything will seem to speed forward, but it will be easy to go along with as there is no sense of panic, and you will find everything well planned. The two main aims are to restore Mother Earth, whilst bringing the higher vibrations to you and directing you along a path to full consciousness. Finally, you will be prepared for Ascension and it will be an event of great joy and happiness. There is nothing to fear and it is a most natural progression for any souls that are moving up in their vibrations.


The Light is growing remarkably fast and with comes the opportunity for others to follow. There is always hope once you have expressed the intent to go forward and acknowledge your Higher Self. By now you know that you are more than just a physical body, and you are developing a sensitivity and awareness of your spiritual self. Once there is a coming together of both of them, you become centered and balanced and in charge of your life and destiny. No longer are you are the mercy of unbridled emotions and the control of your ego self. To some of you this all sounds so impossible, but be assured that if you are prompted to express the desire to evolve and take the opportunity to ascend you will be helped.


Do not be a victim to the experiences of life, as you have the command and power to direct what affects you. Many fall into the trap of believing that there is some force that controls their life over which they have no control. It is true that you may be led into Karmic situations which you would prefer did not take place, but these are pre-arranged for your evolutionary experiences and you would have agreed to them. If you understand this you can lessen the emotional impact, and instead look at what it is you should learn from it. Your best friend is your intuition so listen very carefully, but you cannot do that if you are in turmoil and  you must find some quiet periods for yourself.


Dear Ones I am SaLuSa, your friend and representative from The Galactic Federation. With our messages we try to enlighten you at such a fantastic time, full of so many opportunities to return to your true selves. You are much greater than you perceive yourselves now, and although we seem so different to you there is little difference at all. It is that we know our true selves whereas you are only just awakening, but it is one of our tasks of part of First Contact to help you realize your full potential. As you come more out of the dark and into the Light, so your eyes and heart will be opened. You are gods who willingly put aside your conscious knowing of your greatness to fully experience spirit in matter. Now it is time to acknowledge who you really are, and love yourself for it as we love you.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.