St. Germain  13-April-06


All over the world millions of people will remember the significance of Easter. Many will attend Church services which solemnly pay reverence to he who was claimed to be the Son of God. That he was a real person is beyond doubt, and the Bible gives the history of his ministry upon Earth. That he was a Man of miracles is accepted, and his spiritual teachings have withstood the test of time. His ministry was one of great gentleness and peace, and an _expression of a love that knew no boundaries. He was a way shower and even today people can benefit from his teachings. The truth is for all time, and through his example he has shown that it is possible to find the true path whilst on Earth.


Jesus came as a World Teacher to open up the path to understanding that would carry Man forward, and leave behind many of the erroneous teachings from ancient times. It is not that these were totally false, as many truths were nevertheless contained in their edicts. However, Man was lacking real guidance and not going forward, and a totally new approach was necessary. The truth about the relationship between Man and God is simple and is available to everyone. Many teachers have always come at appropriate times to take Man another step forward.


There is in fact much that is common within the various teachings, and all have examples of how love is to be shared with each and everyone. Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed were on a mission to lift the various factions up that were open to advancement, that held more of the Light. Where the old teachings could have brought people together, they were used to drive divisions between those of the different beliefs. Each sect claimed to hold the only truth, and many battles were needlessly fought in an attempt to convince the others that their God was supreme. Dear Ones this is so sad, and even today there is animosity and downright hostility between different churches. Is it not common sense that not one of them can possibly be the sole bearer of the truth?


Do I or any of the other Guides and Teachers come in the name of any particular religion, the answer is “no” and we simply bring the Universal Truth. We praise no one religion above another, as all serve a purpose within their allotted time. However, the time has now come for the rigid discipline and dogma of the many religions to be eased, in favor of a broader look at where they are taking people. Some allow open discussion and challenge of their teachings, whilst others will not tolerate such freedom. I must say that any religion that can only keep its supporters through being dogmatic about its teachings, would be best advised to question its aims. They should also ask themselves whether it is because their teachings are tenuous, and that is the reason why they cannot contemplate their beliefs being questioned.


Before long an introspective look at all of your beliefs will be unavoidable. Beings are soon due to come to Earth who shall carry a flag for the Truth. Their mission will be to address the people, and explain how eons of time ago the truth became buried. How it was deliberately presented in such a way as to give the religious leaders control over the people. They will explain the grandness of the heavenly design for the future of Man, and how it leads the restoration of his past glory and existence in the higher realms. How your consciousness is now rapidly expanding and will grow into superconsciousness.


The truth can be found within, and intuitively you should know whether you have found an _expression of it that will serve you. The truth will always feel right, and reflect the most important teachings of Unconditional Love. The giving of thanks to God and the asking of help is encouraged, as it is law that if help is given that has not been requested it can be seen as interference. Fortunately, Man has always sought those moments in prayer or meditation to elevate his thoughts to a higher level. Thoughts are energy, and action will always follow but in the manner best suited for your evolution.


Easter is a time of celebration that is often somber, and a reminder of what one Man did to bring the truth to you. Also a sacrifice that was the final act in his journey upon Earth, one that brought salvation to everyone and ensured that Love and Light would return. Jesus Sananda as he is now known will return again to Earth with other Masters, and together they will show people that Jesus was a real person and through resurrection survived physical death. There is no sadness, grief or judgement of those who placed Jesus on the Cross, and he requires that all shall share his compassion and Love for everyone. The Masters will enable all religions and beliefs to be seen in the “Light” of the truth and it will be presented with love and understanding.    


Perhaps you will overcome the solemnity of Easter, and rejoice in the fact that the Great Teacher will return to bring joy and happiness. He comes not as a representative of any church, but as the Son of God ready to show everyone the path home through Ascension. This great event looms ever closer, and the oppressive ties of the dark will soon be loosened once and for all. Be of open mind and ready to embrace the truths that will be laid before you. Be reminded that only the truth can exist in the higher realms, and all else that is not of it will fall away. Be of good heart and cheer, as your sojourn in this cycle is almost over.


I am St. Germain, and leave you with the thought that this Easter is special, and one for not only remembering the resurrection of Jesus but his imminent return. Let it be a double celebration, and one that creates a wonderful energy of love that can lift up the whole world.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.