SaLuSa  12-April-06


It is time to make your minds up, do you allow just anyone to make decisions in your name that have the potential to plunge the whole world into war. Nuclear devices have an affect that is far reaching, and can one nation subject all others to their madness and intention to use them. The use of such weapons will soon polarize people through out the world, and you have the ingredients for a long drawn out war. It is not just up to the people to show their dissent, but this is a glorious time for other nations to insist on having a say in the matter. If you were ever to see genuine efforts to bring peace to a troubled world, this is the opportunity for it to take place. It is decision time for many leaders, and if sufficient of them voiced their opposition to attacking Iran it could be stopped.


Where are the U.N., and what has happened to the voices of other leaders who are quietly voicing their concern. It is not a time for fickle and hesitant people, it is a time for firm outspoken opposition to the idea of introducing nuclear weapons in any circumstances. Where is diplomacy, because threats rarely work and only produce more rhetoric and defiance. A handful of leaders have the future of the world in their hands, albeit they are unaware that we of The Galactic Federation will not allow the use of nuclear weapons. When will people be led into the right direction, one that brokers peace that can bring an end to all wars? It could realistically happen, as war has so many unwanted repercussions all around the world. No one would be unaffected, and you have only to look at one example of the difficulties and rising costs of fuel as a result of the Iraq war.


We know that more of you are pleading for an end to the madness of your leaders. The last stronghold of the dark forces is determined to go ahead with their plan, yet they know it will be short lived. The clamor and determination of those opposed to all forms of violence is rapidly gaining ground. This enables us to enter the arena, and those who oppose us will find a different proposition. We have no need to use any form of violence, our methods are ones of control and prevention that will contain the present situation. However, that action will only be known to a few and the vast majority will have no idea of our presence.


How can you help as individuals; we would say that you must pressurize your representatives to reflect the view of those who demand peace. The past is littered with corpses and broken promises, and it is time that for once and for all that a new path was taken. Other nations would respond if it was seen that they were not asked to do what privileged nations were not, and fairness and above board dealings are essential. No one should be disadvantaged when it comes to policing the world, and one nation cannot impose itself upon all of the others.


The current period will give a pointer as to how much you have learnt from the last century of almost continual war. Those who see another way busily gather together to influence the proceedings, and much needed light and love is being spread through out the world. It certainly helps, and as it grows so it dampens down the enthusiasm of those who push for warlike aggression to subdue others. The Lightworkers have more power than would seem apparent to them, and their continued actions are essential to a peaceful outcome. It does however present every soul on Earth with a challenge to choose which side they are on, it is either peace or war and it will determine their future path. Those who seek peace cannot much longer be subjected to the choice of those who have lost their way. A stop will be brought to their actions and plans, and they will continue their dark activities elsewhere until they too understand creation and the responsibility of all souls to each other.


The dark in their eagerness to control the world, are prepared to go against all advice to the contrary. They reckon without our presence and ability to stop them dead in their tracks. They know we are waiting to come to Earth, but still believe they can keep you in a lower vibration through fear and undo the good that has seen a great uplift in positive vibrations. We will not allow that to happen, and have a divine decree that allows our influence to maintain the higher vibrations. Historically the dark have been trying for millennia of time to subdue and control you to imprison your souls. They have failed, but will not accept defeat and in their minds still believe they can achieve their aims. You have but the one last cabal that is reluctant to give up, and it is inevitable that we will have to be party to any action to remove them.


The events taking place on Earth are too serious to be called a game, but nevertheless it is akin to one as once it is over all move in their chosen directions to further their experiences. The soul is immortal and will survive all of its experiences, but it is not for nothing and will result in growth and understanding that will carry it ever upwards. The dark learn harsh lessons from their experiences and will eventually also return to the Light. You wonder why you would have volunteered for such a cycle that has set man against man. It is all part of the understanding of duality, the positive and negative and being able to handle the energies within the Universe. To experience everything, and still reclaim your Light to become the Master that you always were.


I am SaLuSa and I see the victory that is yours, but I also see the need for your continuing efforts to support each other in these final hours. You have in a manner of speaking done the hard work, but need to concentrate your efforts to bring more light to bear upon those who are enshrouded in the dark energies. Soon you will be able to release the tension that has built up, and with our arrival you will know that a new era has begun. I will echo the sentiments of my colleagues and express the need for much love and light to be spread around you. Many are naturally concerned with the state of affairs upon Earth, and need the comforting and assurances that all will be well. We do our part to help, and the Heavenly forces behind us also direct much beneficial energy to you. Mother Earth is being embraced in beautiful light that can lift up your hearts and soul.


Thank you SaLuSa


Mike Quinsey.