Diane  11-April-06


There is a wave of Light passing over the Earth, one that is gathering impetus as more people are coming into the truth of understanding. It is bringing a force to bear upon the dark that will soon bring them down. The power is immense and there is no other force upon Earth that can stop it fully manifesting. The dark are becoming isolated within their cells of self made imprisonment, and realize their time is all but finished. It only remains for increased activity to have them removed, and action is being taken on many levels. You are as near to this achievement as you ever were, and forcing the dark to come out and try to substantiate their actions. As they do so, more of you see the blatant lies and false fašade that they put up.


We are doing our best to show you that the time has arrived for action, and we applaud the numerous people who have chosen to come to the front and lead you onwards. The power of thought is reaching a critical mass, similar to that which resulted in the sudden fall of the Berlin Wall. Do we not emphasize how powerful you really are, and now you are strongly creating the opportunities for change. It will not require much more before the breach in the dam causes a total collapse. Forget for the moment the fear tactics meant to throw you off course, and know that we have the responsibility to see that the dark are held in check.


We have to maintain a neutral position and allow a certain amount of posturing and action on both sides. It is not our place to affect your future beyond the authority we have been given to oversee First Contact. Whilst we will do our best to assist you in all positive ways, the direction you go into is very much your choice. We say this not to dismay you, but so that you shall not lose sight of the fact that what is happening on Earth is your battle. The present period brings it to a head, and the negative energies from time immemorial must be cleared before a positive move forward can be made. We help you, but in this you lead and we follow your demands for an end to a seemingly never ending war upon Earth.


As you are now aware, your path to the completion of this cycle has gone beyond the power of the dark to alter its course. In one way or another, Ascension will take place in the remaining years leading to 2012. You have created the circumstances that will inevitably lead to the lifting up that you have been working towards for Millennia of time. These were foreseen, but to many who had no concept of the changes it has been something of a shock. People hear of these happenings but doubt their authenticity, and are made to feel insecure. That will however pass as the truth comes into the open.


The fact is that cycles have a natural ending time, and run concurrently with others, and there is no way that they can be altered. This is the order and purpose at work of Beings who wield immense power, along with the God of your Universe. The mysteries of life are still well beyond your comprehension, but with the lead up to Ascension matters will become a lot clearer. You will be in awe of the magnificence of creation, and your delight and enjoyment will be in discovering its many facets. There are dimensions that stretch far into the beyond, and beauty that cannot be put into mere words. They are the home of Beings of great light that would appear as gods, and exude a wonderful energy of purity and love.


You will have much to learn, but your most important concern is with the immediate problems upon Earth. Clear these out of the way and you will be able to concentrate on making the final preparations for Ascension. You will find that your time in duality will soon become just as a dream, and the hurt and struggle will no longer occupy your mind. Indeed, once it is over why should you continue to carry memories of experiences that were to strengthen you for this very time? It is but a nanosecond in your life and the details will eventually be of no importance. Immerse yourselves in the vision of the future, and already feel its uplifting affect. It will make your daily problems seem less significant, although they will still demand your attention.


Matters upon Earth are delicately poised, and we feel that another push from the Light will set an irreversible path into motion. It will see people power at its best, taking back its rights and freedom that have been severely eroded. Although governments are voted in to represent you, by and large they pay little attention to your needs. They go on their egotistical journey to follow their own path, and as many now know it inevitably leads to destruction. It is time to insist that power is restored to the people, and if you are ignored action should be taken to remove those in charge. Easier said than done you may say, but we are able to support your wishes once they are in line with the plan for the end times.


We have of course supported you for eons of time, and in many senses have been as our children. We have guided you and often protected you, although we have never interfered with your chosen path. Now you have come of age, and you are quite capable of handling the imminent changes that are inevitable and will see changes of great proportions. Once you realize how to wield your power, it will bring a world wide response as others will seek similar changes in their countries. A revolution of the people carried out correctly will not necessarily lead to bloodshed, but those in power do not normally go willingly.


Feel the energy around you, do you not find it electrifying and uplifting? It is as though you have been re-charged and it has given people a new purpose in life. Hope is replacing despair, and the near defeated will find a way back that will snatch victory from the dark and their minions. Be positive and push ahead with your ideas to restore your freedom, sovereignty and justice. It can be done in spite of the apparent odds against you, as you are much more powerful than you realize.


I am Diane and come on behalf of The Galactic Federation to give you a rallying call. You are at the point of change and will soon seize your opportunity to go forward. Everything is so near to manifesting, and many of you sense that the final powerful surge is getting closer. We are with you constantly, and if not in person we are aware of your action through our monitoring equipment. It is our weapon that causes no harm, and enables us to know in advance the potential in every situation. Help yourself, and we can help you and as ever we enfold you with much love.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey