Ag-agria  10-April-06


There was a time when Man absolutely believed that he was at the center of the Universe. That he was special and all other life was meant to be subservient to him. His grand position was seen as placing him above all else, as a living image of God. He accepted without question the authority of those appointed to interpret God’s Laws. Over thousands of years many were rebuked, ostracized or put to do death for daring to question the teachings of the Priesthood. The ancient teachings held up as the “Bible” for the different religions contain many truths, but since they are also the word of Man they are not to be taken literally. Sadly, there have been many false leaders, and their guidance has simply been a means of creating power and control over you.  


However, in recent times due to education and more freedom of thought, Man has sought the truth for himself. The result is that people have found their own beliefs, often through the guidance from within. This has enabled them to make up their own minds as to what constitutes truth, and put aside the teachings of dubious origins. All of you have at different times experienced the dogma and creeds of other religions, and a mindset has resulted that colors your present interpretation of the truth. The situation is nevertheless changing, as for the last century there have been new ideas expressed through Beings who have come to Earth specifically to present another understanding of the truth. This has allowed people to break free from rigid doctrine, and for each stage of their development find a suitable source of information.


As people recognize the truth they further their own evolution by putting their beliefs into practice. Gradually they reach a point of progress where matters become so much clearer, and they find a way of life that reflects their understanding. Now you look around you and find many who have found the true path, and they know how to love self without exalting themselves above others. They also accept the principle of Unconditional Love, and apply that where possible throughout their dealings with others. Such ones are those who are well upon the path to Ascension, and have the understanding to carry others forward with them.


The sending of teachers to Earth has been essential to give guidance to those who seek for themselves. Always the Master comes with teachings that are appropriate to the time, and they are presented in a way that will be understood. However, the need arises to enable people to move on, and the old teachings are not necessarily applicable today. There is also the difficulty that guidance has been laced with the directives of Man, and these are often included for the purpose of exercising control and power.


In your present age of widespread education, literacy, communications and travel it enable you to visit countries all around the world. As a result, you see first hand the way of life of other people, and often how their religious beliefs affect it. You find customs and traditions that have arisen over centuries of time, and you can recognize how superstition and religion have played their part. Even in the West you are not without such traditions, and you also have your Christening and Wedding ceremonies, and other festivals that have a religious background. It is all around you and in the multitude of beliefs it is difficult to find the common pattern, but it does exist. There is always the God who demands your obedience, sometimes with the threat of punishment if you do not. A God that can be harsh and demand that all others should be brought to that particular faith.


When you consider how difficult it is to bring the different beliefs to a common understanding, you will know that a new way of thinking is required. This is why for a long time newer teachings have been filtered into your consciousness, and note that these are in no way forced upon you. The emphasis has been upon free thinking and encouragement to seek for yourself. It can be done and many have raised their consciousness sufficiently to find then true path. It is one of Love for all living forms and understanding that everything has its place in the scheme of things. Everything is evolving, and the place of Man is to be the Guardians of the Earth.


God demands nothing of Man, but as you evolve you will want to pay reverence and respect to your Father/Mother God in whom you have your source. God exists in everything and is the consciousness that powers even the smallest particle of matter. God represents order and progression, and all gravitates toward the Central Sun of this Universe. As a Being of Light, you cannot be but drawn back to source and your coming upliftment is a great step along that path. Some people try to emulate God, whilst others believe that they are unclean and are sinners that cannot aspire to such heights. However, in the real sense there is no such thing as sin, only that which is not of the Light.


Some traditions teach that you are born in sin, but this is not so. Karma is the acceptance of the responsibility you have to yourself and others, and if you break the Laws of the Universe you will be required to make them good. There is no stigma attached to having broken the laws, as it is for the very reason of experiencing everything in God’s Kingdom that you have come to Earth. God has not given you freewill to punish you for using it, and the purpose is to understand the difference between dark and Light, Spirit and Matter.


I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation and wish to confirm that with our coming, the matter of the beliefs and teachings of current religions will be addressed. No one religion will be placed above another, but they will be shown for their content of truth and how they can be brought together in unity of purpose. The basis for this is that you are ALL ONE, and no longer can you face each other in confrontation. It is a time for coming together and applying the true teachings of God to every aspect of life. It will be done, as the dark energies that have attached themselves to various religious beliefs must be removed. Love will be the motivation for finding the ways to remove the obstacles that presently exist between people. We come with great love and understanding of your problems, and we shall be your mentors for this final period of transmutation and cleansing However, in recent times due to education and more freedom of thought, Man has sought the truth for himself. The result is that people have found their own beliefs, often through the guidance from within. This has enabled people to make up their own minds as to what constitutes truth, and put aside the teachings of dubious origins. The ancient teachings held up as the “Bible”.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey.