Ker-On  01-April-06


As you can undoubtedly see from events taking place all around you, the net is tightening on those who will not give way to the Light. It is not that a handful of people can readily control everything that is happening all over the world, but their ability lies in their cunning schemes and support from others that is sometimes misplaced. The real power is beyond those who show themselves to you, but when the key players are removed you will see an immediate collapse. Time is now racing by, and events are progressing that are applying all kinds of pressure upon the dark.


The dark are most vulnerable when their activities are brought out into the open, as they prefer to hide behind respectability and a fašade pretending that they are working for you rather than against you. There cover has been revealed, and now you are becoming wise to their ways of operating and the truth is coming out. Even those who have pledged their allegiance to your government are amongst the doubters, and there is much unrest in your armed forces.


To say that this situation cannot go on much longer is an understatement. It must change very soon, so that the plan of restoring you and Mother Earth to their rightful places can go ahead. As you know from our previous messages, we are fully prepared to come in at a minutes notice, and from that time onwards matters will speedily commence. We have the people and technology to sweep into action, and we already know those of you who can aid our programs. Some of you have visited us on board our ships, but normally you would have no waking memory of that contact. The only reason for this is that you otherwise need to concentrate on your earthly responsibilities without any distraction.


It pleases us to find that so many of you now accept our presence, and positively welcome us to join you. Instead of feeling isolated and unable to do something about the slow death of Earth and its life forms, you now see there is hope. Instead of hopelessness you now feel life has a purpose, and that there is a way out of the path of disaster planned by the dark forces. The new way has been prepared by us all, but the overriding reason is a larger plan that no powers on Earth can revoke.


Your destiny and victory is assured, and the Heavenly forces are mustered to ensure that the plan of God works out. Matters will progress in an orderly way because they have been well planned. We have just to remove the last obstructions, and that is proceeding well. I would remind you that nothing takes place on or off Earth without our knowledge. We monitor all people and events, even if they are not out in the open. Our methods of tracking are absolutely foolproof, and no one who is to face justice will escape their fate. We will not tolerate foolhardy attempts to foil our actions as First Contact commences, and we will ensure that our coming is peaceful and without incident.


A major change will bring about the dissemination of knowledge and no longer will you be kept in the dark. It is our intention that you are aware of all intended actions, and we shall ensure you are well informed of our proposals. When you see how fast we can move you will be quite astonished, and there will be a vast scale of changes that will go ahead. I talk mainly of work to restore your Earth, but there will have to a different method of appointing people to be your leaders. As happens in advanced civilizations, your representatives will be chosen for their wisdom, experience and spiritual understanding. Those with ulterior motives will be known, and there will be no place for them in the administrative organizations.


We can quickly bring to you a measure of perfection, so that you can see the true potential that Earth has always offered you. Now it will not be abused or used for the wrong purposes, and you will at last find the peace and happiness you have sought and dreamt about. As the vibrations are raised even further, so will the dark spots disappear and a wonderful light pervade the whole Earth. You will marvel at the change, and see what has always been possible by following the ways of Light and Love.


To be released from your worries and needs is something you have not yet experienced. It will come very soon, and the problems and ills that are associated with it will disappear. You will enjoy perfect health, and much will proceed in treating those of you who are presently in ill health. Aging will gradually cease to be a problem as you venture into the last few years before Ascension, and all will have returned to a more youthful self having taken of the elixir of life. The energies playing upon Earth will become so high that nothing less than perfection will eventually remain. This process has already begun, which is why much appears to be changing now.


We mention little about your ancestors that live in the Inner Earth, but they too are involved in the changes. They will surface at the appropriate time as they also have a role in helping you prepare for the end times. They are much more advanced than you are, but there will be a coming together in the pursuance of changes that are beneficial to all. The Inner Earth Beings are part of your ancient history concerning Lemuria, and like Atlantis once experienced high spiritual peaks. They have much to offer you and will emerge after First Contact. You often say Truth is stranger than Fiction, and it surely is as you will learn when your past connection to the Sky people and ancient civilizations is revealed.


I am Ker-On from Venus and it also a planet that you will learn more about. It exists on a higher vibration and it is not without reason that it is associated with one of Love. We too are ascending as you are, and there is great interest in the affairs of Earth as you cannot prepare yourselves for it without outside help. We offer our services and have always had a long standing connection with you. Some of you have had lives on Venus and perhaps the very mention of it may stir memories within. We beam our energies of love to you as many are doing at this time. We dearly wish for you those changes that shall place the dark times firmly behind you, once and for all.


Thank you Ker-On.


Mike Quinsey.

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