Ag-agria  21-April-2008


Your thoughts and prayers are being heard by us loud and clear, and now more than any other time you call us to come to your aid. You have grown immensely over the last few years in your perception of us, and no longer are we seen as a threat to your existence. It is rather the opposite, as you are becoming aware of our desire to help you rise up out of your present predicament. Many of your frustrations are the result of the time factor concerned with our coming, but we have to abide by greater Beings who have planned these end times. As you are fond of saying, there is a time and place for everything, and as your reality continues to change so we look for the ideal situation to openly meet you.


With the threat of war always hanging over your heads you wonder why we do not step in and take action. The truth is that we have to approach you through your elected representatives, as without their approval any action on our part will be seen as interference in your freewill to decide your own future. What few of you will realise is that over a long period of time, we have often met your government heads to propose a peaceful pact. However, where we were concerned it had to be an exchange for our help and advanced technologies, with your agreement to broker permanent peace. That condition has been repeatedly rejected, as your governments preferred to gain such technologies for reasons of world power and domination. It should be clarified that you have powerful people behind your elected representatives, who dictate the course for mankind. You have come to know these as the Illuminati comprising of some of the richest people in the world.


Now you can understand why it is imperative that your present leaders are not only removed, but replaced with dear ones who are enlightened and spiritual aware. Within the authority that we exercise, we work with those who are bringing about the political changes that can kick-start our program of First Contact. Everything that is essential to our coming is forging ahead, and your military are aware that their weaponry cannot be successfully used against us to stop our arrival. You may know that some spacecraft have been destroyed, but that is between your government and the Greys who were allowed to have bases on and within your Earth, in exchange for advanced technologies. Their agreement had no inclusion for creating peace, or the cessation of all wars.


You may wonder why we have not stopped in and removed the Greys, but their presence was by invitation and not through the use of force. Freewill extends to all Beings, and if the dark forces come together by mutual consent it is not our place to prevent it. What we will do is monitor their intentions, and guard the people of Earth against unprovoked attacks. This also applies off planet, and no visitors to Earth are allowed unless we authorise it. We are here to fulfil the plan for Man as decreed by the higher forces of Light, and we shall ensure its completion in a peaceful manner. We are not simply policing the Universe, but caring for you as parents do for their children. We say this not to belittle you, but you need guidance and protection against those forces of darkness that hover around you.


Our role is to ensure that you complete this cycle as intended, and that you and Mother Earth are allowed to express and fulfil your upliftment into the higher dimensions. The dark would hold you back if possible, but with us on your side it is a futile dream. Already it is crumbling away, and there is no way that they can avoid the failure and self-destruction that inevitably ends such rule. They have served their purpose by bringing you the reality that you allowed to manifest and gave life to, but it now tries unsuccessfully to hold onto its power. The Light is now permeating all parts of Earth, as the grid slowly moves into place that will allow your new Earth to coalesce. Meantime, we work to limit any further damage to your environment, and make good pollution both on and off Earth. For example for a long time we have reduced levels of harmful radiation caused by your insistence upon using nuclear based devices, whether for domestic use or war.


The people of Earth are well aware that extensive changes are necessary if you are to overcome the present problems. To this end we stand ready to move into action, and we will bring about the peaceful world that you seek. It will be the start of a peaceful revolution that will totally re-organise and re-design your world. It will become the proverbial Garden of Eden, in readiness for your Ascension. Happy times are just around the corner, and what you see or experience now will be the last throes of a dark giant that is being cut down to size, and will eventually disappear. It is one of your own making, and it gives us much happiness to see you disempowering it. The negative vibrations have long brought you nothing but difficulties, and that is the Karmic outworking of energies that have been set in motion.


Your sojourn upon Earth is one of a spiritual experience that leaves you stronger than ever, and through the lessons learnt you have lifted yourselves up. These will serve you well wherever you find yourselves in the future, and that will be in the higher realms. Life is ongoing and never stops providing even greater opportunities to expand your consciousness. You may turn this way and that, but always you will ultimately come back to the Light. We are here to guide you on to the path of Ascension, and leave the old behind. Do not concern yourself as to how that is achieved, as you will be fully informed before that upliftment takes place. We will tell you that it will be a most wonderful experience, and that there is absolutely nothing to fear.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and based on a Mothership close to Earth as are thousands more waiting the order to commence First Contact. In reality there are millions of ships attached to the Galactic Federation, and many lie deep in space. This knowledge should assure you that you have nothing to fear from your last cabal, as you will remain in our care until this cycle is completed. We may be far away by your reckoning, but our awareness of what is happening is complete minute by minute and nothing will escape our notice. You are safe in our hands, and we constantly send immense love and healing energies to you. Call upon us as we are but a thought away from you, and pleased to serve in Love and Light.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.