Ela  18-April-2008


Dear Ones, let me for a moment take a look at the trauma and uncertainty of your lives, and the upheaval that is occurring all over your world. The old ways are no longer working, and there is little satisfaction with your leaders. They cannot see what is necessary to move you onto a new path without relinquishing their power, and this is the core of the problem. You need those waiting souls who are here especially to take the reins, to guide you through the momentous events that are unfolding. For most of you, it is easy to see the breaking up that is happening before your eyes, but few appreciate or understand how to manifest the way forward.


           We the Arcturians are one of many Star Nations that are close to Man, and have followed your evolutionary path for eons of time. You have gone through change many times, but nothing has been quite like the period you are now in. This time you will avert the disaster that beckons, and out of the turmoil you will see a new way of life arise. It will happen with all speed once the main obstacles are removed, and it involves those who are still in power and hold onto the old in the face of changes that they are unable to comprehend. Their inability to lead you out of this difficult period, is because they lack the new vision that is necessary to overcome the present challenges.


Taking a leap forward that is not far away, you will rise up to meet the challenges that will be patently obvious. By then quite far reaching changes will have occurred, and a clear path to the creation of the new Earth will have been established. There will first have been a cleansing through the introduction of new technologies that are known to you, but were not given to Man to be hidden away. Neither were other discoveries meant to be used solely for military advancement, or as weapons that could place one nation above all others. They will be shared by all of you, and the Galactic Federation will ensure that their fair distribution takes place. Further to that development will be the addition of even more advanced technologies. We along side you will have become one force for good, and nothing will be able to delay or obstruct the plan for your upliftment.


The interim period will see the new approach to life quickly established. Yet there are those who are unwilling to give up their power and wealth. They will not however have been able to hold onto it, and it will have been removed from them. All of the actions that you will see will not involve force, but the Universal Laws will be applied to the letter. Our advantage is that we fully know the truth of what has been taking place, along with the Illuminati agenda for world domination. We can assure you that no smart lawyers will be able to override the law or manipulate it so as to avoid justice. The truth along with honesty will return, and once people accept it they will soon uplift their consciousness to these higher levels.


Man has lived according to the status quo established millennia of time ago, and has bowed down to the might of those who have placed themselves in power through the subjugation and control of those around them. Now equality and sovereignty are to be returned to you, as in reality no one person is any better than another. You may be at different points along your path of evolution, but those who are part of Earth are One, and no individual should be denied the opportunity to be lifted up. Some souls have not yet awakened to their true selves, but all is not lost as they will move on to complete their evolution as will everyone else. You have experienced the dark days of the soul, and it is time to move on into the Light of opportunity that you have created. Very soon you will look back and see that you have taken a quantum leap forward, and memories of the stark challenges of duality will fade away. Indeed, why should you continue to carry the old energies with you when they can now be released, having fulfilled their purpose.


As you work with us there will be absolutely no doubt in your minds as to the higher vibrations that we carry with us. You will not only “feel” them in action, but also see that all we do is motivated by our love for you as our brothers and sisters. We come not to take anything away from you except that which no longer serves you, and it will be consigned to the Cosmic dustbin to be returned to source. We wish to see you quickly brought up to the levels that we presently enjoy, and that covers your wellbeing, health and happiness. Your daily labours will become a matter of choice, rather than an imposition or need to provide for yourself or family. Life will become fulfilling by allowing you complete expression of talents and skills long suppressed.


While the changes are proceeding, the barriers that have been set up between different countries or people will be removed. Once your needs have been amply covered, you will in general be quite happy to stay in your country of origin. The vast movement of people all around your globe, is forced upon them through the necessity of finding a means to lift up out of poverty and war, and often to avoid suppressive regimes that place little value on human life. You will see that ultimately and with some urgency, all of these problems will be overcome. We shall initially be part of those teams that will introduce new healing methods, and these will be gentle and not harmful unlike much of your present medical treatment. We can treat all of your problems that hitherto have been described as “untreatable”, including epidemics such as AIDS which was created in your own laboratories. There is no disease or disability that cannot be treated or reversed by our highly advanced knowledge.


Happy people do not resort to violence, and when the wealth of your world is fairly distributed there is going to be a massive drop in criminal activity. The dark have created and maintained their control over you, by creating fear and a lack of essentials amongst you. Even education has been curtailed in many countries, as knowledge is the path to growth and understanding. Again that is an area that shall be quickly addressed, and we will introduce you to revolutionary methods of teaching, that will be more efficient and much quicker than your present systems. With all of the changes will come permanent peace, and the stage will be set for your final period leading to Ascension.


I am Ela from the higher dimensions that are calling you home. You are beautiful souls beginning to recognise your true selves as the Gods you really are. You are awakening to your full creative powers that have lain dormant for such a long time that you forgotten how to use them. They are within the capabilities of each of you, and we along with others shall instruct you as to how that ability can be restored. You are to move quickly into the higher vibrations, and as you do so you will align with us. No longer will the old ways prove acceptable, and you will understand that Man has long lacked the spiritual awareness to use his true capabilities. You have gone astray and often had erroneous teachings forced upon you, but in future you will go within and contact your Higher Self for affirmation of the truth.


You are in times where the old and new flow together, but if you are discerning you will know which path to follow. Let the Light within guide you and you will be set free from the conditioning that has kept you down. The truth is there for you to understand, and we shall be your teachers and help re-write your history. You are the Christed Ones, and you are helping lift up the Earth and all life forms upon it. You are far more evolved than you realise, and you have a wealth of experience behind you stretching back to even earlier civilisations than your present one. You are old souls finding what has been concealed from you for eons of time. Think upon it, and look ahead to your upliftment and return to the Light and Love that is your place in the Cosmos. You are going forward and uplifting with Mother Earth, and will be completing a journey that started in the mists of time, before you let yourself fall into the cycle of duality that is now closing.


I thank you for your patience and commitment to lift yourself up, and soon we shall stretch out a helping hand to accompany you in your final years to completion. May your lives be filled with many blessings and be surrounded by the Creator’s Love.                  


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.