Atmos  16-April-2008


A look around your world reveals that the vagaries of the social and financial systems are grinding to a halt. Their weaknesses and corrupt practises are leading to their inevitable collapse. The ride is going to be rough for a while, but through the upheavals will come the opportunities for the changes that you have sought. It is regrettable that it cannot be achieved in a different and less chaotic way, but the establishment is controlled by those with a totally different agenda to yours. However, the size of the problem will even be beyond the capabilities of the Illuminati and their minions.


The inequalities of life have to be addressed, and the dark clearly cannot continue to maintain their present one-sided policies that deny Man his rights. Fortunately, the longer this period of uncertainty goes on, the more people are awakening as to what has been happening to them. Their desire for change has gathered momentum, and it is an unstoppable force for good. In some countries change is only achieved through confrontation, and lives are inevitably put at risk. However, the energy for change is a power within its own rights, and cannot be removed by any force upon Earth. Once set in motion it will travel its path until completion.


Attention to detail and common sense will do much to avoid the repercussions from the present economic problems, but there will be casualties along the way. Try to overcome any feeling of anger as that adds to the negative energies that are already around. See beyond this period of change and know that all will finally work out for the better. Out of the ashes of the old will rise a new way of living where all are considered as One, and through goodwill and intent along with our help all will be restored. It will be a giant step forward that will carry you quickly into a new era of peace and happiness.


We of the Galactic Federation stand by at the ready to assist you, but our timing is critical to the outcome. We wish to see a quick end to the influence and power of the last cabal, and our plan is moving forward taking advantage of their uncertainty and failing plan. They have no strategy except to use force to achieve their own objectives, but when that comes to global action we are limiting their ability to cause major upheavals. As we often inform you, at this stage we can only do so much that is clearly laid out in the plans given us by the higher Councils. They are directly concerned with the Creator’s plan for your Universe, and will ensure it is manifested accordingly. Therefore your victory over the dark is assured.


Meantime the dark secrets of Man are being revealed, and what has been hidden for eons of time is being placed before you. You need to be aware of how you have been manipulated and used by the Illuminati for their own ends, and to fulfil an agenda for total world control. It has been insidious and eaten away at your God given rights, often without your knowledge. Now you are beginning to understand the ways of the dark, and are less likely to be taken in by any future actions. Much has been created by them that has been against your best interests, yet presented to you as being beneficial to you. Their cunning and covert practises are now being revealed. Even so there is so much more that is taking place that you have little knowledge of as yet.


There are two very contrasting levels in your life, and one is your physical existence to which we have referred that is in a period of dramatic change. The other is your spiritual awareness and growth that is essential to your future path of evolution. The latter is well on course to lift you up and place before you the opportunity to ascend. Its importance cannot be sufficiently stressed, as it is almost a “once in a lifetime” chance to leave the lower dimensions behind. It means being able to complete your time in physical embodiment as you experience it now, and move in to the higher dimensions. The difference is phenomenal, and allows for your total freedom to fulfil your own desires. The burden of living a physical life and all it entails will become a thing of the past.


Your true Self is a Light Being of immense power, but with your growth of consciousness and expansion into the Light, will also come an understanding of how to use it wisely. The two evolve together and although you will not have reached complete perfection, you will have become a Being with a superconsciousness to match. This will not be a totally new experience for you, as you are journeying back to those levels from which you originally came eons of time ago. At present you cannot comprehend your greatness, but as you awaken the spirit within and take back your sovereignty you will become aware of your potential.


Knowing what you can be compared to what you are now bears little comparison, but you are moving into that experience and it feels good because you are recognising your true Self. As you must realise by now, you are not your physical body but it will carry with you in its superior crystalline form. No more will you be subject to the lower energies, as the crippling diseases, disabilities and all manner of illnesses will be gone forever. They simply do not exist in the higher realms. Genetically speaking you will have had your DNA transformed, so that you no longer carry those genes that have plotted the course of each of your lives.


Many civilisations have had a hand in your genetic evolution, and not always to your advantage. Now they gather around you to ensure you can be lifted up, and are prepared for life outside of the 3D, in the higher dimensions. I am from Sirius, but many ascended Beings from all over the Universe are here to witness this great occasion of your Ascension. Your primary connection is with those like ourselves, who have had a major hand in your evolution through many thousands of years. We come to complete our assignment so that you may join the Federation of Planets as fully-fledged Beings of Light.


In the midst of your problems, hold firmly onto your Light and let no darkness invade it. It is your protection in all circumstances, wherein you will find your peace and tranquillity. Be still and know the Love that has no bounds.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey