SaLuSa  14-April-2008


Ascension lifts you up into a state of being, that is much closer to your real Self than the reality you are experiencing now. To become one with those higher vibrations, you need to focus upon yourself and attain that level which is your highest expression. Simply be all that you wish, and work towards the ultimate achievement of Unconditional Love. Judgement has been one of Mankind’s biggest setbacks, and prevents you from breaking out of the cycle of life upon the Earth. It does not mean that you have to shut yourself away, but be an observer knowing that you rarely if ever understand the full circumstances of any action. With it will come forgiveness, and that is a key requirement if you are to prepare yourself for the great lifting up.


To err is human and perfection is not expected at this stage in your development. However, it is the level that you should try to aspire to as you continue to live more in the Light. As we have often mentioned the pace at which you evolve is down to you, and you have no need to worry as to whether you are on the Ascension path. By attraction you will find yourself going on to the levels that are harmonious and in keeping with your vibrations. The most important aspect for you is your commitment to lifting yourself up. That intention is a signal that you are ready, and you will be given all the support you need.


You must be prepared for the cleansing that will take place, as old energies that you carry with you will surface. However, you will now find yourself in a much stronger position to handle them, and in their clearing you will feel much better within. Gradually a feeling of light-ness will take over and life will become more harmonious and happy. In knowing your capability to handle your “attachments” and focus upon self-development it will give you great satisfaction. When your inner self is in command, the outer events have less and less impact upon you. Let intuition be your guide and if you can, set aside a period of time however short that allows for meditation. Those quiet moments are so important and allow for the release of stressful conditions.


Certainly with all that is presently happening on your world, you need to be able to find a place for peace and happiness. It is essential for your health and lifts up your vibrations, and can also extend to those around you. You each have quite an effect on each other, and often you are pulled into others problems that can also pull you down. These are all tests of your ability to stay centred within your peace of mind, when others are the victims of their inability to handle life. It does not mean that you should not be sympathetic or help, but do so from the point of view as an observer. It is better if you can do it without attaching to the negative energies that are involved. This is where your resolve to be non-judgemental will be sorely tested.


In all situations in life as far as possible be true to yourself. You are a unique individual and have your place in it which is as important as anyone else’s. It is the interplay between you all that makes for the wonderful experiences that comprise of life as you know it. You all act out your roles that are part of your life contract, and you are continually changing the potential of your reality. At present there is a large movement into the Light as more dear souls awaken to it. You are reshaping your world and the old is breaking up which can cause upheaval. See therefore beyond the chaos, and realise that the cleansing must be completed before you get sight of the new. Everything proceeds well in spite of outer appearances and the Light grows ever stronger. The media may continue to be controlled and feature news and articles that produce fear, but in the background there is so much good work going on that is unreported.


Your role in these end times is to be a point of light that helps transmute the dark energies, so that wherever you go it shines out on all around you. A kind word, a smile, a nice gesture or a helping hand all lift others up. You might be surprised if you knew how much good these simple actions can bring about. It comes down to caring about others, and breaking down that feeling of isolation and separation that many experience. Life can be extremely lonely, yet by nature you are gregarious Beings that love each other’s company.


With the coming of First Contact your fears and problems will be removed, and then you will see a remarkable change in your attitudes to each other. As the barriers come down, the Oneness of Humanity and your reliance on one another will make for great openess and friendship. You are by nature benign Beings and that elusive peace that you seek will soon be yours. The Illuminati will have been disempowered, and with it the controls and restrictions on your lives will be removed. It will be a time of great rejoicing and celebration, and a new wonderful energy will engulf the Earth. The memories of the old world will soon disappear, and the new one will quickly take shape. Speed is of the essence, and we are fully equipped to carry out our tasks in very short time.


I am SaLuSa a Sirian member of the Galactic Federation, and most delighted to have these opportunities to contact you. We well understand your problems, and it is our joy to be part of your upliftment into the higher vibrations. We cannot do it all for you as your personal ascension is a matter for you alone. However, what we can do is free you from the worries that you carry around with you because of your needs to survive, in what can be a harsh world. In many countries people are starving and suffer overbearing oppression, and lack even the most modest means to treat their hunger and illnesses. We will address these problems as a priority, and in general the abundance programs will cater for all of your immediate needs.


We closely monitor the activities of Earth, but are bound to honour your freewill in all circumstances. We will fully reveal ourselves at the appropriate time, and that approaches nearer each day. Much is happening that is drawing a curtain over the activities of the dark, and their hold over you is being removed. Stay in your Light and share your love and happiness to lift up those all around you. We have a great love for you, and it shall thus remain as we link with you our Brothers and Sisters in the family of Light.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.