St. Germain  04.11.08


Salutations and greetings Ė I am St. Germain come to assure you that I am still your mediator and carry the ordination of Heaven through the Creator. I have directed and led you along the path to enlightenment for eons of time, and my love and patience has been inexhaustible. I have worked from afar and also directly with you, and many of you know me from old. I have often set before you great pearls of wisdom to open your minds, and led by example to impress upon you the way to awaken the sleeping giant within. My pleasure and gratitude has been my reward, seeing you come to life in the realisation of your true self.


You have lived in the dream world for far too long, but it has served its purpose by allowing you to experience Manís way time and time again. The reality of your experiences has taken you to the depths and back up again, and now you bathe in the Light of true love and understanding. It is yours to take into your heart and soul and lift up to new levels of understanding. Cutting your bonds to the old ingrained ways, and finding a new set of beliefs is much easier than many imagine. For too long you have been held in the clutches of those who serve the dark. The darkness has penetrated everywhere and has assailed you at every turn, but to your credit you have kept the Light shining within.


Many ages past you were totally subdued and immersed in the dark energies, and it caused great consternation in the heavenly realms. Man appeared to have succumbed to the dark and fallen to a level of no return. However, the Councils upon high decided that you were still sufficiently in the Light to be redeemed. This last cycle has seen your climb back, but not without many tears and much sadness. Each time you fell it was deeper into the cesspit of life, but those who held the Light for others have brought you back. Now you have reached the final stages of Ascension, and it is a remarkable achievement given the difficulties of maintaining your dignity and sanity in the face of the dark forces.


You have had many lives on Earth, and each time those of the Light have brought with them a plan to uplift Man. The Lightworkers have made many sacrifices not least of all to give their lives for your betterment, and have been rewarded through their success seeing the Light breaking through everywhere. It is not difficult to look back and identify those to whom I refer, and whilst many have been in positions of leadership and power, some have quietly worked away without any desire for recognition. The Masters including myself have often immersed ourselves in your vibrations so as to show you the way out. They have had a hand in all major events that have changed your world, and none more important as the signing of the Constitution. It was and still is a model for all those nations that aspire to turn to the Light.


No achievements are without their setbacks, but once the Light is grounded it cannot be extinguished. At present your Earth is a glowing orb comprising of innumerable points of Light, that are continually coming together and growing exponentially. The scene is set for a grand finale as the old has to give way to the new, and the great cleansing is well underway. Attempts to halt it are futile, but the dark forces are sufficiently arrogant and powerful to believe they can. Be assured that their days are numbered, and they teeter on the edge of self-destruction. This has happened all throughout your history and with it the Light has emerged much stronger than before. Understanding the Light and bringing it into your lives is your path to the truth, it is the One Truth that carries the energy of love and is immutable. All other beliefs are transient and merely stepping-stones to the greater understanding.


Now more than ever you need to be open-minded, and allow for a new truth to formulate within you. As ever your intuition will serve you well, but be sure it is not your ego that is pushing other ideas forward. You have lived in a mindset formed from a multitude of experiences, and your ego has pandered to your quest for self-satisfaction. Certainly you must love self, but not to the exclusion of others where you place yourself above them. At a higher level you clearly understand that you are all equal, and One within the essence of the Creator. The Creator is the alpha and omega of All That Is, and nothing exists outside of his/her love.


More of you are becoming sensitive to the love that enfolds you, and its energy is constantly beamed to Earth. It is awakening you dear Ones to the real you who are a reflection of the Light that now seeks a full expression. You rise up like the fabled Phoenix in the glory of your re-birth fully into the Light. For eons of time you have been seeking the Holy Grail, and all of the time it has rested within and is now yours for the finding. Your journey is almost over, and the peace and happiness that is your divine right are at your doorstep. Open that door and move fully into the Light, closing behind you the cycle of duality that has been but a mere blink of the eye.


Time has been most important to you, but cannot be sustained at the levels you are entering. It has no place except outside of all that comprises the Now, and you will quickly release your ties to this manner of reckoning. Past, Present and Future are rolled into one unlike your present understanding. You are returning to dimensions that are no strangers to you, as in distant times you were multi-dimensional Beings of great stature that had full consciousness in the highest realms. The idea of dwelling within them will satisfy your yearning to return to what you were, and enable you to finish the search for your true selves.


You have been given many promises regarding these end-times, and they will soon be fulfilled. You are far from alone in your endeavours to rise up, and the shackles that have kept you back are falling away. Ascension is yours for the taking and every soul has the same opportunity before it to step onto this path. Let go of your ties to the old Earth and see the new one emerging before your very eyes. It has been a long and difficult journey, but you were always going to emerge victorious. I salute you all as the great Beings you are already, and may the Light and Love be yours for evermore.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.