Diane  09-April-2008


You are getting so much help to speed up your understanding of the remaining years that are leading to the end of this cycle. More channels than ever are opening up to the opportunity to be part of the enlightenment that is taking place. This is a natural development that occurs as you lift up into the higher vibrations. The link with your Higher Self is becoming much clearer, and you will find that more decisions in your life will be decided intuitively through that connection. Even between yourselves communication will develop on a telepathic basis, and this will eventually become the normal accepted method.


When we or other members have contacted you upon Earth, our chosen method of “speaking” with you is also telepathic and you hear our “voice” in your head. Even on your part vocal methods are unnecessary, and we pick up your thoughts telepathically before you have expressed them in words. This is why we have the answer to your questions ready so quickly. By its nature telepathic contact overcomes the barrier of language, as the thought is placed into your mind. This is in fact much more accurate than the use of words, but in the case of conveying technical information a different approach is used. We can effectively download information straight into your brain, and those of you with computers will understand the principle we use.


Try your telepathic skills out and see how successful you can be. Also remember that your domestic pets are telepathic, and far more aware than you may imagine. Sending messages by telepathic means requires a focus on the receiver to make a strong link. There is nothing really new about it, and you use it without being aware that you are doing so. Thoughts are going out from you all of the time, and they can result in great thought forms where the intent is very much the same. It is how you collectively bring about changes, as energy must eventually find its expression in your dimension. It may take some time before it manifests, but what you put in motion will find its outlet.


What you are discovering is that your thoughts can be every bit as powerful as your actions. This is why you are equally responsible for them, particularly when they are directed at someone with harmful intentions. The energy of thought links you with people, and perhaps you can understand how an obsessive compulsion with a person can penetrate their psyche. It should not take much imagination to realise that negative thoughts such as hatred, are positively harmful. Once you understand that you have such power, it behoves you to use it carefully and in the highest possible manner. It is not without reason that you are encouraged to think and act for the highest good of all.


Your thoughts attract similar ones and so your individual power grows with that connection. It is how groups with the same interests tend to gravitate towards each other, and your criminal fraternity is a prime example. Those of you in the Light have similar experiences, and you often find yourselves attracted to strangers who are also on your level. Now you can see how groups grow into bigger organisations and become so powerful. Eventually a leader will emerge and sooner or later their intent manifests. Equally when the power is withdrawn they will collapse, and what you are seeing now on Earth is the demise of the dark forces as their hold on you is weakening.


All life is about energy and its use and application, and it is affected by the power of thought. Indeed, all creation is through thought, but as yet that level of power is not within your grasp. However, it will be as your vibrations continue to increase, and when you are able to live your life fully in the Light. You are not that far away from that level, although it will not come until you have completed the process of Ascension. On Earth you are a pale shadow of your real Self, but are rapidly opening up your consciousness to the greater possibilities. It is becoming quite natural to you, as you are returning to levels that are more in alignment with your true selves.


You have been living in a dream world having been subdued and held back by the lower vibrations of duality. The Earth has been your school of learning, perhaps more like a kindergarten where the growing up process has been very difficult. Now you are returning to full consciousness, and able to take control of your lives once again. It must be stressed that you have created the conditions that you have experienced, and they could not have been changed except by you or through the overriding command of the Creator.


You have yet to understand the depth to which you have plunged, but we give all credit to your rapid upliftment when help has been given in response to your pleas. Freewill is priceless and granted to you so that you may experience exactly as you choose. However, your choice does have a price to pay, as you are responsible for the outcome. You have repeated the same lessons over and over again, until you have risen above them. A look at your history will reveal your preoccupation with separation and domination, but it always ends in failure. Now you have at last begun to realise the Oneness of All That Is, and that all souls are equal regardless of how you see them now.


What has given us great happiness is the expanding Light on Earth that is creating the conditions for change. There is no going back to the old ways, as they no longer serve you and your aspirations to ascend to the higher dimensions. No one shall deny you that opportunity that now stands in front of you, and it is for the taking of all souls alike. We do not choose, as that is your decision but we are here to help you immediately you make it clear that Ascension is your goal. It is only your intent that is required to set you off on the path of Light, but to continue means application to the highest vision you have of yourself.


I am Diane from Sirius and tell you that the Galactic Federation is not just here for the physical changes. We also come to lift you up into the Light, and ensure that Ascension takes place as decreed by the Creator. We are where you are heading and ideally experienced to ensure your success. We will move you into a new pattern of thought, that shall bring about a quantum leap forward, and shall do so with immense love and care for you all.


Thank you Diane

Mike Quinsey