Atmos  07-April-2007


Events move on and below the surface much is happening that will speed up their completion. The breakdown of society, and its many supporting institutions is reflecting back to you the darkness that has existed for eons of time. You are seeing the result of Manís ways where actions are not spiritually inspired. There have been few times in your current cycle that your leaders have not had self-power and wealth in mind. To obtain it they have been ruthless and often ruled with an iron rod. Now as you see the truth unfold it may seem incredible that you have suffered such individuals, but you were forced into submission. The ways of the dark became accepted, and they enforced the idea that you were subservient to them.


Freeing yourselves from the intentions of dark to gain total control over you has not been easy, as they often treat any challenge against their authority with brutal retaliation. However, as the truth grows and more of you are prepared to stand up to them, their control is weakened. In such circumstances they can be at their most dangerous, as they lose all sense of reasoning and it therefore gives us the advantage of being able to foil many of their plans. What we cannot do is prevent every intended action from taking place. It would remove your ability to comprehend and observe the manner in which they operate, as in knowing you can better organise your response.


The dark look to create incidents that take your attention away from what is really happening. They are well rehearsed in creating the very conditions that they can use to their advantage. One such incident was 9/11 and still the evidence against your governmentís involvement mounts. This along with other crimes against Humanity will eventually be answered by those responsible. The outcome should not however occupy you to the exclusion of everything else, as justice will prevail. There is no escape, and even those that seem to have avoided it through death will still be accountable to themselves. As we have often informed you, the most critical person of your actions will be you when faced with what you have done.


Your energy is best spent using your Light to send out your vision of the future, one free from the restraints and control of the dark forces. You are after all creating with every thought you send out, and it is far better to concentrate on the positive aspects than dwell on the negative. Everything around you is an expression of energy coalescing in accordance with your thought forms. Your input into the changes is most important, as it is your freewill that is the determining factor. There is a plan for Man and his salvation, but its outworking is subject to how you have envisioned it. You play your part along with every other form of consciousness, and as of now you are lifting up into the higher dimensions.


The mood of change is rapidly catching the imagination of those who hitherto have given it little thought. They intuitively pick up the energy of the mass consciousness that is the driving force. As each one awakens to it so it becomes stronger, and a powerful force for good pushes the changes forward. Through the Law of Attraction they must manifest, and we too are adding our energy to yours. For many years we have encouraged you to accept our existence, but that has not been easy where denial has been deliberately fostered by those who wish to maintain control over you. Now you have opened your eyes to our presence and understand the reasons why we are here. It has taken a long time to gain your trust, as the dark have tried to portray us as your enemies and a threat to the Earth. It is quite the reverse, and fortunately you now beginning to understand that the greatest threat comes from those who are known to you as the Illuminati.


Life is hectic and demanding and few are able to enjoy it without carrying problems along with them. That will change and a future lies ahead where those day-to-day worries will be removed. For most of you in the West it revolves around your finances, as you have set high standards in your life style. Medical care is astronomical if you suffer a major illness, and housing costs are inevitably a drain on your resources. Conversely in the poorer countries their problems are similar, except that their standards of living are so low their needs are much greater. Either way, we have plans that shall totally eliminate such poverty and will ensure that no one wants for the essential necessities of life. 


There is already sufficient wealth in the world to alleviate most problems, and the dismantling of the war machine and the industry that supports it, will channel your resources into positive applications for the benefit of all. Your energies can then be re-directed into services and applications that support the plan for world changes. With the co-operation of your new governing bodies that wait to take up their posts, and leaders that are inspired and truly represent the people, we shall forge ahead. Those who have incarnated on Earth for this special occasion in your evolution have awakened to their tasks, and are ready to be called into action. Some have already shown their true colours and you have noticed them because of it. They speak with honesty and are convincing because they are spiritually inspired.


Remember that the dark have no place in your lives other than to balance the Light, and are here as part of your experiences in duality. You could not have one without the other, and in our role and that of the heavenly Beings that guide you, we ensure that the dark forces do not overwhelm you. As you know, the end times are decreed to complete in Ascension, and although the dark try to prevent it their attempts will be in vain. Do not therefore be too concerned at their actions or words that are meant to invoke fear. All will end well, and in victory and the fulfilment of the promises made to you.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and assure you of the total dedication of the Galactic Federation forces to lift you up. Our actions are inspired by our love for you all, as we are One and you are now accepting this bond that has always existed between us. Our presence is your assurance of success. 


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.