Ker-on  02-April-2008


The mysteries of life are confusing as so many interpretations are to be found. The truth lies amongst the many explanations offered to you, but confusion confronts one who is on the journey of discovery. However, once you learn to trust the Masters who have left their teachings with you, a pathway of understanding opens up. It requires dedication to your search for the truth, and intuitive thinking to find the inner meaning to them. Much of the older wisdom was hidden behind symbolism, and words that were cleverly used to lead the student forward. In ancient days there was persecution and death facing those who taught the truth and dared challenge the orthodox teachings.


However, with so many sources offering you a clearer version of your spiritual history, there is no longer any reason why you should not find the truth amongst them. Even so, you will find different levels of understanding available to you, and your attraction will naturally lead you to those that can be comprehended by you. Herein lies the problem that causes one to find seeming contradictions, when in fact many are simply taking another view of the truth. Furthermore your history is littered with falsehoods, that is inevitably written to favour those in power at the time. You will find problems at every turn, and additionally there are the religious teachings that are claimed to be the words of God.


Your seers of the past have tapped the Akashic records and they are more reliable, yet again words are sometimes difficult to find to describe what they have seen. You are in a jungle that is difficult to get through, but for all that you will take out of it what seems acceptable to you. You will build your own version of the truth, and that will stand you well providing you are ready to expand your understanding in the light of more discoveries, that move it to new boundaries. Finding the truth requires dedication, and will always need to be ongoing if you are to continually move on.


Deep within you your experiences you have a bedrock upon which your truth has been built. After all, through your many lives you have experienced most modern day religions. Through a subconscious assessment of what you find today, it is weighed against it and you gradually formulate a new understanding. Not all change comes from the teachings or messages, but all of the time you are taking in what goes on around you, and this also affects your thinking. Some souls, who have accepted that God exists do nevertheless have little faith, as they see what takes place feeling certain that if there was a God the death and destruction would not be allowed.


God is All Love and allows Man to create his own experiences, and with the freewill granted to him does not therefore interfere with Man’s choice. Pure love accompanies you in all circumstances, and it will remain with you right up until the day you return to the Source of All That Is. Once you can accept that you are responsible for your experiences, you open up a new pathway to the truth. Knowing that you are immortal and that your life is infinite, allows for your many lives that have expanded your horizons of thinking. Prepared thus far you have a very good basis for further development of your consciousness. Without these important truths you cannot truly get to the greater picture and continue to evolve.


The truth eases the mind, and helps answer many of the puzzling teachings that abound in religious texts. It inspires confidence to search for your own understanding, and this is to be encouraged. The days of needing others to lead you onwards are becoming less important, and you have the capability to seek out your own path. Few if any who read the current teachings can fail to be aware that you stand at the doorway of Truth, and changes that will uplift Mankind. The importance of these times cannot be emphasised enough, as you have a one-off opportunity to leave duality behind. If necessary forget all you have been taught, providing you grasp the meaning of Ascension. What does it really matter if you cannot comprehend the past, you are still going to be at the same point of understanding within self.


Your experiences travel with you, and you should be more concerned with the immediate future. Out of the chaos that comes from a world in turmoil, are opportunities to rise up and leave the old behind. You can complete your experiences on the old Earth, and move on with it through Ascension. There is absolutely nothing to be feared, and well before that time you will have been fully enlightened as to the process. When you feel ready within and desire to follow your heart felt urging to ascend, nothing will appear more natural than your upliftment into the higher dimensions. You will know that you are prepared for such an occasion, as the pull of the Earth no longer satisfies your yearning to move on.


In the scheme of things, you do not have to return to duality if you have learnt the lessons it is meant to give you. Life is not a dead end, or ending in death, you are immortal. There is a continual movement upwards that is a natural progression and decreed by the Creator. You may choose to “stand still” but even so you are learning and progressing, albeit so slow that it is imperceptible. You have infinite time to evolve, and this is why there is no pressure placed upon you to ascend at this time, although every encouragement is given once you show the desire to do so, and your success is guaranteed. Earth is your natural home for experiences in the 3D, but will of necessity rise up with you to transcend the lower vibrations into the higher ones. The Golden Age is appropriately named, as it is your entry into the levels of perfection that herald the arrival of Man fully into the Light.


I am Ker-On from Venus part of the Galactic forces, who have been charged with ensuring your safe ascension into the next stages of your never-ending journey through life. The changes will be dramatic and far reaching so that you are ready to take your place amongst us. We are you, and where you are destined to be very soon. It will be a quantum leap forward and you will be restored with your full 12 strand DNA, and have become great beings of full consciousness. You are truly loved by the hosts of Heaven, and it will always be so, for evermore, and we salute you all and welcome you home.  


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.