Ker-On  30-April-2007 

Dear Ones, progress towards the necessary changes is reaching its climax, and we are well pleased with your efforts. As Beings of Light you are coming together and creating a strong focus of energy that is growing on an ever-increasing basis. The dynamics of it are holding the dark energies at bay, and slowly but surely they are becoming less effective. This unforeseen delay to their agenda has caused them to try desperate acts to regain their position to no avail. The legal approach to the removal of the last cabal has options that are being pursued, and success is considered to be inevitable. 

You are now witnessing the final throes of the Illuminati, who have held you in their grip for millennia of time and tried to divert you away from the Light. That has proven to be a failure, and your experiences have hardened your resolve to overcome such efforts. So many people are awakening to the manner in which their lives are being manipulated, and directed in such a way as to take away their freedom. Man was always meant to be a free soul, but in facing the challenges of duality has hitherto lost the ability to maintain his freedom. 

Now you are in the ascendancy, and you perceive the real possibility of removing from power those who control your lives. The next few months are going to be critical as far as tightening the net around those who must be removed. Until this happens the final steps in First Contact cannot be taken, although everything is at the ready for such an opportunity. The nature of the situation stands at the point of readiness to move at a seconds notice, and all is in place for the final thrust. Our allies are well rehearsed in their roles and they number many thousands. It is quite impossible for their actions to be prevented as we stand with them to ensure their safety and success. 

The road has been long and hard, and at times you have become mired in the machinations of the dark. However, there have always been those wonderful souls who have kept the Light shining out regardless of their hardships. Now is the time when it is no longer necessary for the Light to be concealed, and you will find much evidence of the forthright open approach to the problems that assail you. Fear of speaking out your truth is being replaced by a confidence that this is the time to stand up and let your Light shine out. As a body of Lightworkers your presence is formidable, and you are revealing the truth of the dark agenda for all to see. 

Faith in the Spiritual Hierarchy has strengthened the determination of many, who understand the work of the great Brotherhood of Light that is your strength and assurance that you will find your dedicated path. You came to Earth at this time to be part of the movement that would guide mankind back to the path of Light. Each of you has followed a path of life planned for this very occasion, and in awakening and coming together you are at the forefront of the movement for change. Sadly, many souls are finding it hard to find their true path and stand confused and lost in the dark energies that abound around them. 

No one is ever without guidance, but if help is rejected it will be accepted as their freewill choice. Nevertheless, every opportunity will still be taken to open their eyes to the truth. It is by following your intuition that your path will become apparent, and to say the least not everyone has undertaken a major role. However, every contribution to the Light is unique, and collectively you fulfil the requirements that ensure the divinely decreed ending of victory for the Light. There cannot be any other one for the completion of this cycle regardless of how it may appear from the outside. 

Your strength lies in your faith that the end times are pre-ordained, and it is this promise of success that should be your dominant thought. The Creator is not mocked or denied, and whilst Earth and its life forms are an important factor in the evolution of your Solar System, you are simply another aspect of a greater plan. Your Universe is changing and everything that forms part of it is uplifting in readiness to take its place in higher vibrations. You are as it were at the bottom of the dimensions, but even so your newly acquired levels will see you take a great step forward in your evolution. All is in movement and cannot remain stagnant, and the lifting up is part of your return to Source. That however is still a long journey, and you will have many exciting and wonderful experiences to come. 

The planning of your evolution is handled by great Beings who carry out the Creator’s desires, and this alone is your assurance that the plan is destined to be fulfilled. You have been held back for far too long by those who would destroy you rather than admit defeat, but their power is always under control. They would only have unbridled ability to wreak havoc if Humanity conceded to their demands and accepted their controls. Fortunately as much as the dark push ahead, there is great resistance to their intentions to dominant you. They cannot be successful unless you concede your freedom to them, and that is not the case. 

As we have often told you, there is nothing to be concerned or fearful about providing you stay within your Light. It is your protection and guarantee that you safely see out the rest of this cycle until the changes take place. The time for momentous events that will signal the end of the darks control are approaching, and they are too far advanced for anything to interrupt the outcome. We eagerly await such a time, which will enable us to approach you more openly and join forces for the betterment of mankind. There is much planned to restore your Earth and it will occur at breathtaking speed. 

I am Ker-On from Venus, and working with the Galactic Federation, as do many other Beings from all over the Galaxy. Millions of different craft fill your skies and await the signal that Earth is ready for our presence, and you may be assured that we are here to ensure your successful transition onto the path of Ascension. We see you as equal to us as we are One and it has always been so, and soon you shall find your appointed place alongside us. You shall learn of the great love that has accompanied you in your long journey through duality. You have never been left alone to face the trials and tribulations that were placed before you. Our presence may often have been concealed, but we have nevertheless guided you and protected you where our intervention has been allowed. 

It is only in recent times that your history is revealing the part we have played in your evolution. Eventually you will understand the truth about your link with us, and it will explain many mysteries about your past. It will also help remove false concepts about us, and place us in a good light and acknowledge our love and devotion to you. Our outer appearances may be different to you, but inwardly we are exactly like you except we have already acknowledged our divine essence. All this shall be clarified and put right once we walk amongst you again. 

Until our great day of uniting with you know we are nearer to you than ever before. Look out for our craft in your skies, as we come into your view so that you may be assured of our peaceful intentions. We intend no harm and on the contrary seek to show our loving intentions towards you all. Let Love and Light be your guide and pathway to success. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.