Dear Allisone,

                        I am off this weekend to visit my two sons and granddaughter in Devon. It means that my next message will be on Monday the 30th April. Thank you for your encouraging comments, and the articles you have sent me.

                                                                                                                                                                In Love and Light .Mike.           




St. Germain  20-April-2007


In the energies that abound upon Earth, you are subjected to many highs and lows. This is all part of your experience and prepares you well for the next level of your evolution. Before you can return to the higher realms, you have to be able to stand in your own energy that you have created around you. It does however need to be of the vibration that enables you to deflect the lower ones away from yourself. Your experiences have a honing effect, that results in your being able to walk in your Light at all times.


Imagine the result of thousands of people who have overcome the energies of the dark forces, and how much Light they can project. It really does not need many of you to make a pronounced difference. Whether you gather in groups or not makes little difference, as the Light coalesces and creates a grid around the Earth. However, where groups move into their own is when their purpose is to collectively send out Light in a controlled manner. There is power in numbers and currently many focus on the problem areas of the Middle East. It is a matter of faith that such actions are deemed worthwhile and achieve their purpose, as you have no measure of your success.


We can tell you that we are more than pleased with your all round efforts and dedication to make a difference, and it is bringing results. Along with our assistance we make a formidable bastion of Light that will continue to grow. No one can halt its progress, and it will continue to transmute the dark energies ad infinitum. The energy of Light cannot be destroyed, but only used for the various acts of creation. However, it can be misused for darker purposes as the one energy itself is behind all creation.


As you grow in understanding and enlightenment you gradually take control of your thoughts and actions, giving no power to those that would bring about negative conditions. Thoughts by themselves are harmless, but it is the level of intent that goes with them that determines how strong they are. It is often the case that those souls pulled down to the lower levels and subject to dark thoughts, accompany them with powerful emotional energies that aid their manifestation. Fortunately, when such energies are directed against Beings of Light, they have no effect as they are protected within their own cocoon of Light. In fact the energies are returned to the originator, and what was meant  for someone else has the intended adverse effect on the sender.


Your whole life is subject to the Laws of the Universe. Now you are developing the awareness of how they operate, it means that you are taking full control of it. The first recognition is how powerful you are, and careful consideration given to the intention of your thoughts. It is not in order or desirable, to direct negative thoughts against those who you perceive as the creators of the chaos taking place. If you desire changes send out the energy of love, and help lift up those who have fallen into the pit of their own making. Somewhere, some day they will respond, as no matter what the circumstances they will always retain that spark of the Light that can be re-ignited.


All of you have gone through many lives of cleansing, because you have experienced all aspects of the Light and darkness. How else would you evolve, except that you understand how they inter-act with each other. You would never understand the feelings of darkness unless you had experienced them first hand. Having overcome the lower energies, the Earth in its present vibration is no longer the place for you to be. However, it is all changing and instead of leaving it behind, you are to accompany Mother Earth as she too makes provisions for her upliftment. The vastness of what is occurring reaches beyond Earth, and your whole solar system is involved in Ascension. Indeed, if you look at the broader picture, it is in fact your whole Universe.


The measure of everything that is taking place is currently beyond your understanding. It is sufficient for the moment that you concentrate on your own preparations for Ascension, as time races on and you must do your best to respond to the incoming energies. The Earth is being enshrouded in Light that is being sent to it from as far away as the Central Sun. It comes to you via your own Sun and is moderated so that you can withstand its high vibration. Even so, it has an unsettling effect on those who struggle to do so and are still ensnared in the lower vibrations.


Dear Ones, there are many, many souls gathered for the final outworking of this cycle. The object is to lift up as many as possible into the Light, but not everyone has the ability, or the desire and understanding to do so. This is why many Lightworkers are on Earth at this critical time, and they serve others in numerous ways. The most practical way is through your own example, and you can show others what it is like to stand firmly in the Light, and be assured that your words and actions will be noted. This is a way that does not impinge upon the freewill of anyone, but sets out the value of working in harmony and peace. It does help others and they will wonder what it is that allows you to live in peace, when there is so much confusion and chaos.


The Lightworkers are carrying the responsibility of enlightening others and grounding the higher energies. They are as you might say, at the sharp end of what is taking place. Soon they will have much assistance and will achieve even greater things, as the time is approaching when the Higher Beings will manifest upon Earth. By then a great upliftment will have taken place and much help given to further your evolution.


Love should be the keyword in all you do, say and think, and in this way you will be contributing to and ensuring that the Ascension process continues to attract others who are just awakening. There is still time for many more souls to step into the Light, but they have to first find the desire to do so, and this is where you can help. When your Light shines out it is a message of love to those whose path crosses yours. You lift others up, and that extends beyond the Human Race to all forms of life. There is not a life form that does not respond to the energy of love, and many of you with your pets will know this truth first hand.


I am St. Germain and I oversee your Earth and its upliftment, and over millennia of time I have come to you in many guises. My work is often recorded in the annals of time, and I have been personally known to many of you. Some even now work directly under my supervision, and many call upon my Violet Ray to clear away the dark energies that have impinged upon Earth. They have embedded themselves within the Earth itself, and Mother Gaia welcomes your help to avoid a more volatile cleansing that would otherwise be necessary. Some cleansing will inevitably result in physical upheaval, but the major thrust of such actions will be controlled to minimize damage and loss of life.


Mother Earth can look after herself but Man will be called upon to rectify surface damage in the shape of earthworks, and clear pollution of the seas and land. The atmospheric levels will be the responsibility of the Galactic Federation, who have already limited the degree of damage and the repercussions upon Earth for many years.


The Spiritual Hierarchy manifests the Creator’s decrees, and their perfect understanding will ensure that all is completed accordingly. It may sometimes seem that that the dark are the dominant force, but be assured that their time has expired and they will not impose their ways upon you for much longer. Be full of joy and live the love that is the real you, and these last happy days will be the route to your final fulfillment, and Ascension.      


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey. 

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