Ag-agria  18-April-2007 

Our assurances of your ultimate success come thick and fast, and that is because as the dark mount their last stand they still hope to redefine the end of this cycle. They know that they cannot defeat the powerful forces of Light, but in their arrogance and defiant mood of non-cooperation they try to stall the inevitable. This mad and illogical approach tells you that their time is up, and once the collapse starts their power base will fall like a pack of cards. 

Meantime, we get closer to you than ever as we see clearly the path we must take. Our approach for some time now has been to have more liaisons with our allies, who we have empowered to bring the last cabal down. They are proceeding with full confidence being aware of our actions so far, knowing that we will ensure their full protection against any assault upon them. We see conflict arising amongst Government agencies, as there is already disquiet over the roles they are forced to play. 

Having told you that you are exactly where you are meant to be as the end-times play out, also understand that this is to place you in a position where you will learn lessons about the Light. There is much soul searching amongst those who find themselves obeying earthly powers, and they find that they are consciously aware of being out of resonance with the promptings of their   Higher Self. The lack of confidence in what they are ordered to do is bringing about many cracks in the power structure that exists. 

All of the time the dark are crumbling and their plans are thwarted, the Lightworkers are coming to the fore and you will have noted a sudden surge in the revelations that are bringing out the truth. Great souls that have bided their time for such an occasion are making themselves known, and they step into the public eye and battle arena to make their truth heard. They will be assailed from all sides in an attempt to discredit their words, but you are becoming much wiser now and see through the tactics of those who oppose them. 

Let the confrontations proceed while you go about your own life, contributing what you can to aid and back up those who lead the way to change. The mass consciousness is rapidly changing and as unreliable as your polls can sometimes be, they do nevertheless show the dissatisfaction with your current leaders and their policies. What is important is the recognition that your Constitution has been violated over many years, but never as much as during the years of the present Bush administration. 

It is time to take back what has been taken from you largely in the name of the false war on terrorism. This has been created by those with ulterior motives, with an agenda to have total control over all aspects of the movement of people. Fortunately sufficient of you have awakened to the truth in time to make your feelings known, and engender opposition to what has been taking place. 

The activity on Earth to bring out the truth is increasing monumentally, and every soul will at some time have experienced enlightenment. The question is what will they do as not all respond in a positive way, but nevertheless even although they put a decision aside sooner or later they must make a choice. It is an important time of soul searching, that will ultimately determine who moves into the Light or clings to the old ways. That choice will be theirs to make without any pressure or persuasion by us. 

The Galactic Federation is not here to simply oversee the changes, as each and every member is already enlightened and able to help those who genuinely desire to move on and leave duality behind. We will not impose ourselves upon you, but will fully help those who desire to lift themselves up. After all, over many years we have slowly enlightened you as to our relationship to you, and we have not overpowered you with the truth. Our ways are gentle and cognisant of the concern you feel when your cherished beliefs are shown to be unreliable. 

We do however inform you at every opportunity what lies ahead, and how Ascension is your pathway to the stars. You are coming of age when you are ready to take a quantum leap forward in consciousness, and we know those who are already committed to that path. We also know that many stand at the door of decision and they seek guidance and understanding. So far, we have prepared Humanity for this time through our presence and contact with various people. Now you are ready to move on, and when we can at last make open contact with you we shall proceed to help you take that next step forward. 

The truth of your history and association with us cannot be hidden much longer, and we are keen to provide the evidence to show that we are your true brothers and sisters. First, we have to overcome a mindset that has shaped your present consciousness that has caused you to believe in your isolation upon Earth. Your ancient history is full of inaccuracies and deliberate falsehoods that have been taken as truth. They have to some degree become embodied in all religions, and to bring you together will require a cleaning out of all that has no place in the truth of your evolution. 

We are aware of the delicate nature of our work to bring you into the future. However, you cannot move on as a civilisation until the cleansing has taken place. We come not to offer yet another opinion, but a positive rendering of the truth which will be supported by unequivocal explanations. Furthermore, we can take you back in time to illustrate various points that may otherwise cause contention. Every action that has occurred, and every word that has been spoken is recorded for all eternity, and will back up our plan for your release from the past inaccuracies. 

I am Ag-agria from Sirius and have been with you for eons of time. Our actions come out of love and dedication to you and the Supreme Creator. We are part of the plan for a great evolutionary step forward that beckons to all. None shall be refused our help, and we encourage all of you to accept the opportunity to rise up into the realms of perfection, joy and happiness. It is your rightful abode and Earth like you is due to move into the Golden Age.  

Through many lives your travels have given you insights into the way in which matter and Spirit can combine. You have been the creators of your own experiences and now it is time to clear away the dross that remains, and take all that is of the higher vibration with you. Be open and ready to let go of that which clearly belongs to the third dimensional Man of Earth, as you are in readiness to take your place in the fifth dimensional realms and even higher. Duality is simply an experience that has speeded up your evolution, but nevertheless one that has brought you to a high point of understanding that means your lessons have been learnt. 

The school of life is one that you volunteered to experience, and now you have earnt your release from its hold in duality. It is only the dark that refuses to accept the finality of what is taking place. Ultimately even they will have to concede their position is lost, but will continue to experience their desires elsewhere. The time has arrived for the finals acts of duality to play themselves out. Those of the Light have signalled their intent to move on and nothing will stop their progress. The Creator has defined this period as the time of change, and we are here to ensure completion. Move fully into your Light and let it shine out brightly and proudly to light the way for others.       

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey