Diane  15-April-2006 

Many times we have mentioned our actions to you, that provide a balance between the Light and dark. Let us clarify this by telling you that the emphasis is to ensure that the dark does not subdue the Light, and we have done that for millennia of time. It may not always appear to be so to you, but be assured that we limit the scope of the dark and sometimes curtail or prevent their actions. Now that you are in a period of rapid development we do all we can to encourage the Light to grow, and there is no limit placed upon it. It is true to say that the dark try all they can to keep you down, but where the Light is concerned that is quite impossible. 

Bear in mind that the plans of the dark are based on creating a reality that brings fear to you, and they rely on its effect upon your consciousness. Those of you who are aware of the methods used stand aside and do not allow the darks activities to rule or ruin your life. When you know your role in this life and understand Ascension, you are armed with powerful knowledge and purpose and that carries you forward. Realise that so much that has an effect upon you is the product of your own mind. Be positive and concentrate on your vision of the future, and all else will pale into insignificance. 

To some extent you can forget time such as you know it although many are preoccupied with it and indeed it controls your life, so we refer to future events in terms of your understanding. You sometimes talk of going with the flow and that is exactly what we mean, as if you just “allow” things to happen it will be far easier and avoid frustration and disappointment. We clearly see and understand how events are manifesting, and we therefore know how they will affect you on Earth. We can measure the energies that are involved in the changes, and can predict when they will suddenly arrive in your reality. You create energies that attract even more energy, and so it grows until it can no longer be restrained or contained. 

The suddenness of change is why we talk of events happening in the twinkling of an eye. Often there is no warning, and many are reaching this stage at present. The Light closes in on the dark with the absolute certainty that it will overcome those energies. There is only one outcome and that is victory for the Light, and it should tell you that your worries are really wasted energy. We do however understand that you face constant daily battles, and in some countries that is for the survival of life itself. When people are hungry and ravaged by war we know our comments seem to have a hollow ring, but we are also aware that Man has a reputation for being able to overcome the harshest challenges. All of you are exactly where you are meant to be, and in your own way are contributing to the whole. The net result is an ever-increasing growth in mass consciousness, a continually opening awareness and a greater coming together in a common purpose. That purpose is the gradual upliftment of everyone, and only those who oppose such growth by choice will be left behind. 

These end times are resulting in a massive clear out of old Karma and matters left undone. As individuals your darker energies return to be cleared, and it is a time when alien thoughts may invade your quieter moments. Take note of them as they are there to be dealt with and not pushed aside. All of you have to face aspects of yourself that may now be redundant, and no longer represent the real you. Accept their existence as part of you, and in any way that suits you perform some ritual or ceremony such as perhaps a simple prayer, and request that such energies now be gone. You may wish to see them in symbolic form, and mentally dispose of them. Send them away wrapped in your love, as they were part of you in times gone by. 

Now your most important function is to shine out your Light. Be confident and assured of your ability to confront the dark with confidence, knowing that they cannot harm you unless you allow it to be so. Oh yes, they can be frightening as they try to take over your life, and it is this very fear that you need to avoid. Tell yourself that they are doomed to failure as are all aspects of the dark as the Light grows stronger. Their bark can be worse than their bite, and even they will be eventually affected by it as it breaks up their power to spread their negative energies further afield. 

Everyone is familiar about the dark and has encountered it at some time, but not all are aware of how the Light is moulding your future. It is the power that releases you from the lower vibrations, and is your protection and pathway to Ascension. You have an army of Lightworkers on Earth, and great forces of Light Beings that assist you from the higher realms. If you could but have a greater awareness of them, you would not for one moment doubt the outcome of the battle upon Earth. It is fought on many levels, and Earth is the last domain in which the dark still retains some dominance. 

It does not matter what your religious beliefs are or how you see your future. The Light is there for every soul, and as long as you allow the Love energy to guide your life it will be beneficial to you. The more you can give out, the more comes back to you and you will find that your life can be led in harmony and balance. The truth of life is simple providing you live as the Masters have taught you, and indeed as the Masters that you really are. It is all returning to you so do not be afraid to claim back your sovereignty, as it is your heritage and God given right. No one can take it away from you for long, and this period of time is one for finding the real you once more. 

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and always pleased to talk with you. My words carry energy, and therefore what you think is energy, what you Will to be is energy and we are all creators in your own rights. Now use your power to envisage the new Earth free from darkness, and glowing with Light that is permeating all that is and lifting it to new heights. Enfold everything that lacks Light in a cocoon of loving vibrating energy, and know that it will bring changes about. Love Is All There Is and the very glue of your Universe. As more of you come to this realisation, so the Light and Love shall hasten the day of celebration for your victory over the dark. We love you all, and delight in these opportunities to come to you with our assurances that all is well. 

Thank you Diane.Mike Quinsey.