Atmos  13-April- 2007 

Dear Ones, be assured that your progress is on course for completion within the time frame that has been set for Ascension. Indeed, you have advanced at a phenomenal pace considering the relatively short time that your awakening has been taking place. Bear in mind that it has taken a long time to get you to see your own power of creation, and your ability to handle your upliftment. No one can do it for you, but many souls both on and off Earth have dedicated their lives to lead the way. It has been achieved by spreading understanding, and through example by living the Light. 

There are different phases of progress that are carefully planned, so as to reach as many as possible. The truth is a powerful medium, yet care has to be exercised so as not to present too much at once. It is better that people have time to consider the importance of changes to their lives, because not every one can accept what is opening up before them. There are in fact dramatic changes necessary if the full truth is to come out. Some of you have grasped it and prepared to replace old outworn ideas and tenets that no longer stand up in the new Light. 

We have told you many rimes that your rights have been eroded over millennia of time. You are now experiencing a more rapid erosion as the dark seek to control the peaceful uprising that would claim them back. They see you are powerful when you come together in a common cause, and seek to block any moves to take back your sovereignty. Whilst the last cabal remain in power further progress is difficult, but we are encouraged by the response of people in all walks of life. The energy of desire for change is growing so fast, we know we can safely leave the necessary actions to you that will bring about their downfall. 

As far as possible we encourage you to take matters into your own hands, and we are guiding you in a way that will lead to a peaceful conclusion. We do not want to see a violent uprising, that is not our way or of those who work with the Light. However, as the truth emerges some people have a first re-action of anger, and it can be detrimental to the future actions. Communications are so important at this time, and we are pleased that so far the Internet remains a place where the free exchange of information is possible. With your media largely restrained from reporting the truth, and instead giving out disinformation you do need to keep other sources open. 

From our vantage point we see the Light growing so quickly, and it pleases us immensely as it is touching more people than at any previous time. We understand the frustration of those of you who are ready to move on and at times become impatient. Do remember that our ideal would be the successful awakening of every single soul. Many are troubled by what is going on around them, and are confused and afraid. They see their world changing and despair as to what the future holds. We encourage everyone that is further ahead in their understanding, to take whatever opportunities come their way to enlighten others. 

Most people are living in a reality that has been forged through so many lifetimes, that to contemplate a different one is extremely difficult. They are a mixture of truth and lies that have been manipulated for the power and control it has given the ruling classes. Deep in every ones subconscious memories are “truths” that have been ingrained over millennia of time. Consider how difficult it is to suddenly be presented with a different understanding. We for our part have carefully made our presence known, and it has taken many years to convey the fact that we come in peace and for it to be accepted. We have no desire to take over your Earth or indeed your lives. However, we do desire that you know the truth of our peaceful relationship that has existed for many thousands of years. 

Some call us aliens and that suggests we are so different to you. Outwardly some species are of course noticeably different, but the majority that have a connection with the evolution of Earth are humanoid. Some even today can easily pass as humans, and you would not notice them amongst you. Perhaps one of the greatest truths people will learn, is that we are all One. You judge by the outer form, yet even in your own religious teachings you are told Man is made in the image of God. This has often been misinterpreted and understood to mean that God has a human form. Dear Ones, all life owes its existence to the Creator, and therefore all is in the image of its Creator, and carries the God Spark within. 

All life even down to the simplest form is evolving, and that is the manner in which all again gradually becomes at One with the Source of All That Is. Therefore look upon Extraterrestrials as your brothers and sisters who travel another path and are at a different stage of evolution. A note of caution is necessary, as not all of them are necessarily more evolved than you. Your last cabal has worked with the Greys for many years, but their technological knowledge far out weighs their spiritual understanding. If you are ever confronted by an Extraterrestrial, you have every right to challenge them in God’s name. You can order them to be gone if they do not come to you in the name of the Light. 

Currently your energies are directed at removing the last cabal, and this is an event that approaches very quickly. Meantime, along with our allies we are setting the scene for work to commence which will set actions in motion before we openly come to you in a mass landing. You have already prepared the groundwork for many projects that can now go ahead. You know the technology is available, and what you start we will finish by making our facilities and personnel available to you. You can correctly conclude that the changes are at last underway. 

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation, and I can tell you that we are not idle while waiting for permission to openly approach you. We busy ourselves keeping some semblance of order upon Earth, and make sure that the growth of the Light is not interfered with by the dark forces. It is as far as we are concerned “no contest” as we control events within the framework of authority given us by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Our mission is one of Love, and every member of our Federation is working with that energy. We have long accepted the path of the Light, and we come to you now because it is a great event when Ascension is offered to a complete civilisation. 

The task of getting the message of Ascension through to people rests largely with the Lightworkers already upon Earth. It is a time when many have volunteered to be with you and place the Light before you. See for example how many now speak out about your environment, and know that unless there are changes in the attitude to how the Earth is treated, it will die. Fortunately, you are awakening to this truth and with our help to maintain the balance there is no need to be fearful. However, the sooner the problems are acknowledged the quicker the decline can be reversed. 

Once your last cabal is removed, we can all speedily get on with the first task of restoring your Earth. Your voices of concern are being heard, but the hardheaded business world turns a deaf ear preferring to concentrate on their profits. That will of course be altered, and the financial changes will be a key factor in bringing about a more responsible attitude to both people and the Earth itself. It will be enforced if necessary through the authority of the Guardians of the Earth. Great Beings oversee your evolution, and it shall stay on course for the great time that is approaching when a wonderful upliftment will take place. 

Take heart from the positive signs all around you, and see beyond the chaos. That is only temporary and will have no place in your immediate future. Go about you life with complete confidence, and concentrate on your new reality that is nevertheless manifesting all around you. We admire your tenacity and endurance, and we accompany you with our Love and protect you on your journey.  

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.