SaLuSa 10-April-2007


Dear Ones yet another period of remembrance and devotion has passed, with many prayers and petitions to the Higher Spiritual Realms. Instead of creating a state of anxiety and despair, the Easter services generated within people an enormous feeling of love expressed in the longing desire for peace. Be assured that all such prayers are received and acted upon. The results may not be immediate or even apparent, but they will have a positive affect through the returning of the energies to Earth multiplied many times over.


If I may, I will make an observation regarding prayer as it takes many forms. It is the energy that goes with it that determines its effectiveness. The most potent ones are those that express sincere gratitude for what you have received.  Again, the energy is returned to you many times over, in accordance with the Law of Attraction. Giving thanks for what you receive was once an accepted custom, as was the saying of Grace before a meal. The latter acted as a form of blessing for the food, enhancing its energy and its goodness, and value to you.


In this present time the giving of thanks and gratitude is credited to education and religion. However, it is often the hectic lifestyle and continuous noise of so many different activities occurring all at once that deadens the senses. Rest and quietness seem to be a modern luxury that people find hard to make sufficient time for. Yet, particularly in this most chaotic period it is so important to get away from the hustle and bustle, and assault upon your hearing.


Being able to find time for yourself is an opportunity to absorb what has been going on around you, and discard that which is of no value. Accept responsibility for making up your own mind, and measure it against your highest principles and spirituality. For those who have found their path this is not a difficult exercise, and should become quite a natural function. As you know, what you focus upon is exactly what you attract to yourself. Almost every step of your life you have had to make decisions, and although you are guided it is your ultimate choice that counts.


Events are taking place at such a speed it is no wonder some of you feel in a whirl. The Cauldron of Life bubbles away and the mix is continuously changing, but soon it shall settle down. What seem to be endless occurrences without connection will suddenly fall into place, and the greater picture will emerge. You will look back, and see how the Light became all-powerful and disempowered the dark. Even now the Light is revealing the dark secrets of the past, and these come out into the open for cleansing.


As individuals you are looking into the deepest recesses of your soul, and because of the power of your Light you can deal with whatever challenges you find. It is usual to present matters for clearing and cleansing, when you are equal to it according to your stage of evolution. It is because we are in the end-times that so much appears to be happening in so many peoples lives. This should tell you what an important time you are in, and that it pays you to put in as much effort as possible.


As the Galactic Federation you may think of us as an army, but that is only true in an organisational sense. We have a command and rank for identification as to where we stand in the different organisations. The use of weaponry that kills or maims is not in our methods of protection, and we would rather draw back than engage in battle. We can defend ourselves without doing so, and will destroy weaponry that is directed at us. As a peaceful Federation made up of civilisations that have long forsaken war, we are the diplomats and ambassadors for the Spiritual Brotherhood.


The Lightworkers are our representatives upon Earth, and there are many who actively work with us. You were aware of your mission before you incarnated, and usually your time for action is encoded in your genes. You awaken when the time is right, and you “remember” what it is you came to do, but not without some guiding hands of ours. Many of you are already known to us, and some are volunteers from our teams that come from wide and far within this Universe. It is usual for them to be chosen from those who already have links to you through past associations. Consequently, there are many from your own Solar System.


All of your planets carry life forms at some level, but very few as you view them from your own physical perspective. This has proven to be a stumbling block for many academics, but at last the dimensional factor is being taken into account. Your dark forces in engaging with the Greys have brought advanced knowledge to your planet that has hastened your evolution, although this was not their intention. There is now no going back, and mankind with its expanded consciousness is ready to move on.


Those of the Light are irrevocably linked together in a great grid of Light that now encircles the Earth. They are gradually taking control and bringing the new Earth into being, and will expel the dark without a single drop of blood being spilled. That Dear Ones is the difference in your approach to life, one destroys and the other preserves. One is in allegiance to itself; the other is in allegiance to God. Live in your Light, and Love in your Light and all will be well.


Our presence is now becoming more open, and we are ready to make contact with some of you in preparation for First Contact. We do not necessarily need to do that upon Earth, as we can meet on those occasions when you are out of the body. You would not necessarily know that you had been on board one of our Motherships, as on the inside it is very much like the surface of a planet. We can replicate environments quite easily to make you feel comfortable and at ease.


Everything is racing to a conclusion and we are happy to oversee activities to ensure both your safety and success. Through me, the Sirians greet you and send you many blessings of love and encouragement.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.