Dear Friends, My next message will be a week today, on Wednesday the 11th April. In Love and Light. Mike. 

St. Germain  04-April-2007 

Soon there will be the traditional remembrance of the occasion when the greatest Teacher in your time, came to Earth to leave his energy so that from his short spell of ministry his words would reverberate through all eternity. There have been other teachers, but not one who came with such a simple message of Love. Jesus lived his life as he preached it, and when he was challenged he eagerly told of his Oneness and his love for all life. He showed what was possible by following in his footsteps, and many have since emulated his words and actions. 

You will find that most of the great Teachers leave Earth after a comparatively short time, as it serves no purpose for them to remain after their missions are completed. They may come many times to renew contact, and their principal teaching will be at a critical time in Mankind’s evolution. Jesus incarnated at a time when Man had totally lost his way, and was worshipping false Gods, who had set a path to complete destruction. The negative energies were rampant and dealt a great blow to your evolution. 

The energies that were brought to Earth, were to bring about the first stirring of an awakening in Man’s consciousness. It helped to stem the decline, and the first seeds were planted that would grow and bring about a balancing of the dual energies. However, due to the degree of negative energies that had been grounded upon Earth, an immense cleansing was required to return Mankind to the Path of Light. The outworking of many negative actions set in motion during earlier periods could not be circumvented except that the many souls, who had become tainted by them cleared their creations through Karma. 

Dear Ones, you have always known that Karma was a way out of the lower energies, and through it so many have risen up. It has taken many, many lifetimes to reach the stage of illumination that allows for such a happening. Consequently, all souls have willingly taken part in the playing out of many evolutionary stages, which have brought you back onto your real path of enlightenment. You have all to some degree created the very situations that are now laid before you for a final cleansing. As we see you in all of your greatness we accord no guilt upon anyone, and reflect on the fact that you accepted your experiences based on a freewill choice. 

What we do as we support you on your journey back to the Light, is to ensure that the Light and dark are delicately balanced, as otherwise you could have already destroyed yourselves. Rest assured that the Creator has already decreed that this shall not be so, although it happened eons of time ago. The Creator has willed that this shall be the end of duality for you in this cycle of experience, and it is to end in the stepping up through the process of Ascension. The Creator has never withdrawn his promise to you, that at the end of this period of evolution you be lifted up again. However, the higher dimensions are subject to the Laws of Attraction and you must first prepare yourselves for such a change. 

Hence, for some time now you have been told of the way forward, and how you may step onto the path of upliftment. Gradually the vibration of Earth has risen through the presence and work of the Lightworkers, and at the same time they have taught others the way. At different stages which have of late been speeded up, even more souls of Light have come to Earth to ensure there is no falling back. You have in very recent times heard of the Crystal and Indigo children, who are already showing you the new potential that lies latent in so many of you. You should know already if you are one such Being, and an important role is to be played by them in the immediate future. 

So many of you came especially to help lift others up, so that all would have an equal opportunity to move back into the Light. There are all types of souls present and some are those who have consistently taken lives upon Earth. Whereas, there are also many who have had attachments to Earth, and have already moved onwards and come back for this unique time in your evolution. They come from planets within your Solar System, but many also hail from others that are largely part of your Constellation. Like you, they are all souls that were breathed out by the Creator and also on their path back home. 

Forget the outer appearances and feel their love for you, and you will soon lose any fear you may feel. In time you will also be visited by Beings who come from the pure Light Realms, and they will enfold you with their brilliant emanations of Love and Light. Angels will reveal themselves in all of their glory, as gentle Beings of great power and love for all life. Mankind has often seen them revealed in their majesty and they stand at the throne of God. 

The future promises so much for you, and we would wish that more of you would understand the importance of the breaking your ties with the past. Some still fear to let go, and humans are very prone to hold fast to what they are familiar with already. There are two important reasons that will help if allowed to take a place in your understanding. One is that life is Infinite and you are not therefore your body, and secondly that you cannot stand still in your evolution and it will change regardless of your desires. 

You are already committed to a greater plan that will inevitably see you rise up. Ascension on the scale it is presented to you is a “once in a cycle opportunity” and every help comes with it. So many souls from all walks of life have chosen to be with you, and they work quietly away at their chosen tasks. No one will be able to truthfully claim that they never had a chance to learn of the meaning of the end-times. 

Time is getting shorter, but still efforts are taking place to reach as many people as possible before a separation is inevitable. Indeed, as soon as the necessary Governmental changes have taken place, and spiritual and moral values returned along with your sovereignty, a greater truth will be revealed. It will allow people to see the purpose of the changes, and open their eyes. The knowing will help the unknowing, and their Love will accompany their every word. 

There is nothing you cannot be when you set your mind to it. Aim for the highest expression of yourself that you can imagine. Become as the Master who walked the Earth over 2000 years ago. Be Love in all you do and say.      

Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey.