Ag-agria  02-April-2007 

We have followed your progress for a very long time, and we feel that we know you well. However, you are at times unpredictable and we can still be amazed at how you respond to the stimulus around you. That can be both of a positive or negative nature, but what pleases us immensely is the awakening resulting from the immense amount of Light streaming to the Earth. It is of course intended to do just that, and whilst it is measured to open up your consciousness to a new way of thinking many do not respond. 

You have delightful expressions such as “not seeing the woods for trees”, and it sums up the difficulty in reaching certain people. So many of you sense that something strange is happening around you, and both see and feel the changes that are taking place. Others do not know what to make of it, even when they are personally involved. It is certainly a fast moving time when sometimes events occur at a breathtaking pace. Communications are now so good that it is hard for anyone not to be affected by what is happening.

Through various mediums we promote ideas that lead people to the truth. It is so important that you take a stand against all that is deliberately meant to mislead you. For millennia of time you have been kept down and your sovereignty denied. You should be as free as the birds, and allowed to express yourselves to fulfil your life contract. Instead, you are led to follow the dictates of those who have held you in bondage for such a long time. Many have still not remembered who they really are, and remain a pale shadow of the great Being that started out to experience the difficult path of duality. 

All of this was foreseen but the low point has passed, and considerable efforts have been made by the Spiritual Hierarchy and us to lift you up once again. For over a hundred years the emphasis has been focussed on your awakening. During the same period you have endured much that has been perpetrated by the dark, but the Light has had a balancing effect. In the higher realms there has been much activity and planning to counteract the dark energies. We can derive satisfaction inasmuch that in spite of the intense measures to prevent you awakening from your slumbers, it has failed. 

It is beautiful and uplifting when a soul reaches up into the Light, and perceives all that is around it in a new way. There is a blossoming of intent to spread the Light as far as possible, and often this enables the fulfilment of a life plan that includes service to others. Many work with you often without your knowledge, and lead you forward creating opportunities for your growth. Your Guides are constantly with you, urging you to make the right decisions and often arranging events in your life exactly for that purpose. They know what you planned, and they work untiringly to ensure your success. 

It does not matter what your chosen area of work is, there is always the opportunity to express your truth and bring Light into it. This gradually creates the bedrock for change and the seeming chaos is partly due to it. There is the age old battle raging between the Light and Dark forces. The dark often have no allegiance even to each other, and this is the nature of their self-imposed loyalty to their own aspirations. This is why they create the very conditions for their own downfall, and you will note how expendable their fellow travellers are when they start to fall apart. 

We encourage you to focus on the Light, but be aware of what you are up against as the dark can be very devious in their actions. Where individuals are concerned and you have any uncertainty as to whether they are of the Light, always go by your intuitive feelings. Also remember that actions that cause harm to others are certainly not those of someone who is enlightened. Once you are centered within your Light, you will be able to move freely regardless of wherever you are. It is your protection, but in addition it has an influence for the good of others. 

Revelations on all levels are coming out, and it is part of the necessary cleansing to prepare you for the great step forward. It relates to your history that has been falsified and hidden to keep you in the dark. Records of the truth have often been destroyed or hidden away from your gaze. It calls for you to be discerning regarding any claims about the past, knowing that once the Galactic Federation and the Masters can openly walk amongst you all will be revealed in truth. 

The truth must also emerge about your beautiful planet Earth, and it is essential that people grasp that it another body of consciousness. Mother Gaia as some fondly call her, is a great Being of sensitivity and constantly giving of her love to all of Humanity. She has served you well, and yet suffered at the hands of those who have abused her and despoiled the Earth. There is karma involved in putting right the wrongs of the past, and Man will be expected to restore it to a pristine condition. This is a not a task that will be Man’s alone, and we shall assist you so that it is completed in relatively short time. 

Always remember that you and the Earth are One, and as such will go forward together into the higher dimensions. It will by then be the new Earth and all traces of Man’s abominations will have disappeared. Nothing can go forward unless it can come into balance with the higher vibrations. The preparation for such changes is well advanced, and simply awaits permission for the go ahead from the Lords of Karma. That time looms large and is destined to commence very soon. It cannot be delayed much longer, and is only dependent on the outcome of efforts on the part of our allies that are now well advanced. 

I am Ag-agria and guiding Michael as he fulfils his life plan. Your Guides do likewise and it is considered a privilege to work with you, and a special responsibility at such an important time in your evolution. There is so much love given you as we work with you for your success. Turn to us in your moments of despair and doubt, and we shall lift you up. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.