Santa Fe Farewell in Gratitude


Since being at our home in El Dorado, outside of Santa Fe, Bob and I have been feeding the birds, rabbits and squirrels. It has been a wonderful way to visit with the animal kingdom and to be able to share with them. Three mornings ago, on Aug 18, 13 Bob called me to the windows that look out over the back yard down onto the greenbelt. Out there at that edge of our patio were five baby squirrels. My heart leapt, and tears of joy filled my eyes as we watched them standing at attention and conversing with each other. They played with the dirt and pebbles and dug a little more into the hole already there just under the flat stone. I said, "We need to get some pictures of them!" Bob got his camera and snapped 3 photos.

We haven't seen the babies since then. To me that represents a Thank You from the squirrels for providing all of that food for them so that they would have it for their family. They brought their beautiful babies to where we would see them and feel their gratitude. Being in touch with the animal kingdom, and showing our gratitude and respect for them adds to our ability to extend that to all of life and to receive the return in various ways. As I sit at my keyboard writing this, I look out and watch the various birds, a squirrel and two rabbits, enjoying the seeds in the feeder and scattered on the ground.

We are preparing for our imminent move to AZ on August 24. Our time here in this part of NM has been grand, meeting new friends, and reuniting with friends of the past 11-12 years. It has become evident to us that it is time now for us to go on to the next phase of our journey. We went on a pleasure/exploration trip about a week ago, and found our new home, east of the Huachuca Mtns within 3 days of our looking. Hatonn told us that it was a time for new beginnings of former energies. We look forward to what that may mean for us as we pack and clean getting ready for our move. When it is right for us, the timing speeds up and all falls into place.

I tuned into Cassie (the new-coming Toshiro) the other day, who is with us on a soul level still, and she told me that when we (meaning all of us) get an idea to do something, we first go to that idea in manifestation on a soul level, and see if it fits what we will harmonize with. Then on a physical level we are 'inspired' as to what will work and what won't. That is what shows us in the physical what is worth following up on. The area we first looked in for our new home didn't work out, because it wasn't meant to. When we found our new home it all harmonized with what we are destined for.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things on the 'tree' and with all of you. Thank you all for being you and for giving what you give to humanity and all of life!


With Love, Nancy, Bob and Cassie