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Held on Thursdays, at 7:00pm Mountain Time at the Home of Nancy Tate and Bob Towers in Santa Fe NM

 On the teleconference of June 27, 13. Anakhanda Mushaba was our Guest Speaker!

06-27-13: Bob opened with words of welcome. Guest speaker Anakhanda spoke of the realm of Love, the love essence of Mushaba, and how the idea of love is evolving along with all else for humanity. Nancy then spoke of the new book that she and Anakhanda are writing. Then Hatonn spoke through her of how living in the moment is showing up more in our lives. He spoke of how details cannot be given in many things, because of the moments of change. Sananda spoke of a new awareness of what is to come about in this Milky Way Galaxy, and how the communication between humanity and all of the beings is evolving. Then Cassie spoke of her visits with Bob and Nancy, on a soul level, etc. She spoke of the animal kingdom and how we can learn from it. Questions came from the house guests, wonderful sharing from call-in guests……and more.

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Summaries of Past Calls in Santa Fe NM

05-16-13: Bob introduced Steve and Susan. Steve spoke of the Oracle, a vessel from a galaxy 31,000,000 light yrs away. It is a consortium of beings with no form, which is coming to assist us in our ascension process, including helping to build our new firmament. He spoke of the changing of the molecular energies of our bodies. Susan spoke of the delicious feeling energy changes that are restructuring us. Sananda spoke through Nancy of the upliftment of the coming times that some regard as the Rapture. He spoke of the halo of light that will appear of many ships around the world. He also spoke of the feelings of energy that have recently been feeling so wonderfully different. He also spoke of what Jesus would speak of today, and more. Hatonn spoke of the energy devices of crystals copper and other earth elements, and the gifts they are bringing to the planet and humanity. He spoke of how the devices will be part of the creation of the Galactic Centers in harmony with Mother Nature, with her harmonic permission. He spoke of the questions people have of their part in the creation of the centers, and more. Cassie spoke of her upcoming return to us in her new doggie body. The Hatonn confirmed that she will be gifted back to this home by the woman who he is with now. House guest, Amara spoke of her experiences here with the land and her visit by St. Germain. Then it was open to questions, Peter spoke……..and more.

05-02-13: Bob opened the call with a message from John Smallman, who channeled Jesus. The guest speaker, Taansen spoke of Turiya, the Fourth State of Consciousness, in addition to the states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Hatonn spoke through Nancy about how the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure are affecting the universe. He spoke of the doors that are being opened for the communication of so many who tune in to the hearings, with those beings who are part of the universal family of Light and Love. He spoke of how we create our world. Then the energy of Bob and Nancy’s new dog, who will be called Cassie, rather than Casper, spoke of her upcoming incarnation into her new feminine body, and she also spoke of her mission. Then Horus spoke of the ‘peek’ of what will be coming from Zorra in the coming times. This peek is about the information that will be accessible from the Porthalogus Library that has reference to what the Citizen’s Hearings have been covering…….and more.

04-18-13: Guest speaker, Anakhanda spoke of the Mushaba Force and that the true meaning of the word force is a mechanism for change. He spoke of how the force energy works for us in our lives; also about jewels and stones that were deposited on earth from Mushaba, and their power. He spoke of the power within us, and our freedom to use it, and more.  Nancy spoke of how she first heard of the Mushaba Force. She spoke of the inspiration she had about the idea of the total destruction of what is on the surface of earth, versus the evolution of all creations on earth into the crystalline energy that we are destined for at the time of the total ascension of the planet. Hatonn came in then and spoke of that in detail. He spoke of the destined evolutionary process of creation of the universe, and of this planet, all in harmony with each other. Casper spoke of how he is waiting for Nancy and Bob to choose the dog they want and then he will be there; choose how he will look and he will embody that dog. Altros, of the mothership the Nexus, spoke of the Galactic Command Centers and about those here eventually visiting the ship, when they are in a matching vibration. He spoke of how we will all interact with each other through the information and technology that has evolved as we have through our journey through this duality and beyond it, and more. Then there was beautiful, wonderful interaction with the in-home and the on-call guests.  To listen to the recording, see below.

03-21-13: Guest speaker, Peter spoke on something new he learned about Atlantis…..and more. Guest Speaker, Allen was born in Hawaii, now lives in Alb NM, spoke beautifully, and lovingly of the value of being still. (please excuse the mic issues on the recording) Then Casper, the reincarnation of our dog, spoke of how some circumstances delayed his reappearance. He will be back. Hatonn told of how the lower energies have interfered with clearing out of some of the old energies. He also spoke of the Galactic Centers and the protection energy that has been in place around the planet at the various sites for the destined centers. …..and more. Horus spoke of the increase of the inner glow of the central sun in Hollow Earth, through Inner earth and on beyond the surface. He spoke of Zorra, Zaraya, and Quasar and their forthcoming entrance into Hollow earth. Then there were questions and sharing, as well as some Mushaba Force info from Anakhanda.

03-07-13: Bob told a story about a time and place in which he lived in his college days. Anakhanda spoke of his new book Angels and Guides in which angels were described for who they really are. He also spoke of the new clearing/healing session he does. Nancy brought forth a surprising message from their coming, new dog, Casper, and why that name has been chosen. He speaks about Enoch, and how he carries some of his essence, also about the promise of humanity with the Creator, and more. Then Hatonn spoke of a pure harmonic connection with the Creator and all of earth, signifying that the Plan is coming to completion. He also spoke of the Plan as it involves all who are still asleep, as well as those who are awake, and why the gradual transition to ascension is happening, rather than being in an instant, and more. The call was then opened to discussion and questions.

02-21-13: Sandra DuMonde was a guest speaker. She spoke of what she has realized about interactive learning, as opposed to teaching and way-showing, and about interacting with our guides and other beings. She closed with her song "I am the Light of The World". Then guest speakers Zaraya, Zorra and Quasar spoke of the asteroid over Russia, about a healing rod, and about part of President Obama's role. Next St. Germain came through Nancy of how the present and future needs will be created. He also spoke of how our experiences on earth are affecting the rest of existence. Sananda next spoke through Nancy of how Jesus is appearing to some people all over the globe who are on the verge of opening up to who they are within. Then the interaction was opened for people to ask questions and to share with us all their news and experiences.

01-24-13: Our special Guest, Rita, spoke of her twin flame, how she recently realized who he is and how she found out about him. The call-in and in-home guests were invited to speak of anything they were inspired to about how the energies are affecting them. Our special guest Peter spoke of our changing perceptions of time. St. Germain, Hatonn and Adama spoke through Nancy of the inauguration, other issues of the day, and how we are all gifting each other. We had 33 participants.

01-10-13: One of the things Bob opened the call with was that we will be inviting in more interaction from the guests/attendees of the call. These times are bringing much more inspiration and thoughts to all of us, and we are the creators of our world. Guest Speaker, Taansen, who spoke at our last Ascension Tour 2012 Event, at Bushwillows Sacred Sanctuary, in CA. talked of the creative arts in the "new age", and about all the changes that are coming in all artistic, entertainment and informational media. Then, Sananda spoke through Nancy, describing our future creation of "new versions" of the fifth dimension and beyond, Hatonn spoke of the coming times and how we will add to the evolution of not only us, but the whole dimensionality, and then Horus spoke of how we are affecting Hollow and Inner Earth. The question and answer segment brought more interesting information.

12-20-12: Bob opened the call and after home guest intros, the first guest call speaker, Peter Olson spoke of Love. After that Anakhanda Mushaba came on and spoke of the Mushaba Force and how it assists us in this time of Ascension. Then the soul of our dearly loved dog, Toshiro came through Nancy, then Hatonn and Horus came through, speaking of the coming times. Then questions and answers were addressed, with an additional piece of information from Altros, from Anakhanda. We had a total of 23 callers and visitors.

08-30-12: The Messages came from Hatonn, Altros, Bisonanna and Horus; they spoke of the coming travels that we will be making with Zaraya and Quasar (Billie and Jane) in the interest of relaying information of the present and coming times. We will also be working at times with Anakhanda Mushaba and his Family. Due to Static on Original Recording, we Processed it Through a Filter. Listen Here

08-16-12: Messages came through Nancy from Hatonn, Horus, and St Germain they spoke of the coming times of ascension and disclosure, plus other topics of interest to all of us at this time in the awakening of all of us. We had a total of 38 callers and visitors.