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 Next Family Gathering, December 20, 2012, at 7:00mt, in Santa Fe NM!

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 Family Gatherings

Held Bi-Weekly at the Home of Nancy Tate and Bob Towers in Mt Shasta


Messages came through Nancy from Adama, Horus, and/or any other beings who chose to speak of the coming times and how we can prepare to meet our family from within this great planet, and from the Universe surrounding us. These Gatherings were bi-weekly, on Thursday nights at 6:00pacific time, in our home. We opened and closed the message time with music chosen specifically for the Gathering.  

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Summaries of Past Calls

(06-14-12) On this call messages came through Nancy from Sananda, Hatonn, and Horus. They spoke of the discernment in peace, joy, love and harmony that are necessary in the coming times. They also spoke of how we can prepare to meet our family from within and off this great planet, and throughout the Universe. With the closing song the sound quality was not as clear as could be; I have included the words Here so that you may see the relevance to our upcoming move to the Santa Fe NM area.

(05-17-12) At this Family Gathering Sananda, Horus, Adama, spoke through Nancy, & Zorra spoke through Zaraya on May 17. It was a most fun and joyous visit. We had a total of 46 callers and visitors.

(05-03-12) This Family Gathering brought us Metatron, Horus, Adama & a brief visit with Hatonn. Also we were graced personally with a visit from Zorra, through Zaraya, accompanied by the lovely Quasar (Jane). Adama led us in a prayer of love for all of the ones who walk in fear on the planet. This was the second gathering in which we opened and closed the messages with music, and we will be doing so in the future calls. We had a total of 44 callers and visitors. You may listen to the recording of the call Here, or see below to go to the conference website to listen there.

(04-19-12) At this Family Gathering AA Michael, Hatonn, Adama & Horus spoke through Nancy. Then a special guest, Zorra, through his son Zaraya (Billie Woodard), paid us a visit through the phone line. The Emphasis was on Love and how powerful It Is to help make changes in these times. We had a total of 25 callers and visitors.

(4-05-12)With this Family Gathering Horus spoke of the chemtrails, what will happen when the Inner and Hollow Earth visitors come to meet with us, and various other issues. We had a total of 25 callers and visitors.

(03-22-12) At our Family Gathering Horus spoke through Nancy, with a visit from Sananda. They covered various subjects of the times. We had a total of 31 callers and visitors.

(03-08-12)To Listen to and Read First Gathering Message (No tele-conference) Click Here