Responses to Ashtar's 11-21-13 Request, from People Around the World who saw Cloudships Recently, and at Other Times as Well


 Just came across your site by chance today and read about the significance of the cloud formations. I was walking with my kids last weekend and the clouds had an unusual purple hue with this white oval shape in the middle. It looked so out of place that I photographed it. Not sure if it is of significance to you, it was taken in South Derbyshire, U.K. Kindest regards, Orla

I live in the crystal vortex of the Ouachita Mtns. in Arkansas. I often see chip clouds and have seen a mother ship directly over my cabin where I live in the middle of the national forest back in 2007. It was illuminated and about a mile long, sitting stationary while other clouds rapidly flew past it in the very windy night sky, so I have become familiar with what they tend to look like around here. I also was going to take a pic of it, as I witnessed it along with another person, but as soon as I said I was going to go get my camera, it started moving away back out into the universe at a rapid speed. Here is one I took yesterday, that got my attention while I was driving home, so I stopped a took a pic of it. Blessings for all you do, Elaine. 2 pictures from Elaine

Read your recent post. Took these several days ago .... I thought they were very unusual .... Namaste, Steve ( Gold Coast. Australia ) 2 pictures from Steve

We saw this on the 5th of November, in the south of France, near " le massif  de la Ste Baume", and three others. Evelyne. 1 picture from Evelyne

I have also seen cloud ships here in Australia. This photo was taken a month or so ago. But I feel it is still relevant to your sightings only a day or so ago. Mecheale 1 picture from Mecheale

Greetings, Love and Light to you….I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and early this morning, on my way to work I did see a cloudship, it was magnificent and very large. I was unable to take a picture as I was driving but I was able to find a picture on the internet that looks very similar. I have included it as an attachment but am unsure if there may be any copyright on the picture. I am very aware of their presence……enjoy seeing the New Jerusalem in our evening sky. I have also included a picture of the New Jerusalem….it is to the left of the large street lamp. There are also some orbs in this pic as well .  Liz. 2 pictures from Liz

Avistamiento 11/11/13 La Cocha, Tucuman, Argentina  Ariel. 2 pictures from Ariel

From Nebraska  I only show it from the photo I saw a pillar of rainbow in a very clear and blue sky in a morning time few days earlier   ..All beings from the Grand Creator welcome to Gaia  with LOVE and LIGHT. Ria  1 picture from Ria

We saw this fascinating ships a couple of month ago in Ireland. The whole sky was covered, so beautiful!!! We saw some red/orange orbs as well they seemed to have diamond shape end of August and October, I was not able to catch them properly on my cell phone. We're so happy and excited about our friends and Family we can't wait!!! Many love for all of you, Michaela. 3 pictures from Michaela

I took this on the 19th and live in the UK. The 3 clouds around the sun really drew me and I thought straight away may be they were cloudships. Do you have any feed back on this being the case? May I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do.  Much love & light, Sam. 1 picture from Sam

Now I live in Spain. I saw cloudships, a lot of them today , 21st Nov. Yesterday I saw them too! I haven't taken the photos, unfortunately. Greetings, Maryla, I live in the Malaga Province

My Name is Bill from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada, I just read your news letter of the sightings of the ships.  I did not see them during the days as picture shows, however at night especially last night, the skies were so clear, I seen 3 ships blinking with white red and green, they were off in a distance however you could tell very easily what they were because they were brighter then the other stars and were blinking colors. I enjoyed their show a great deal! When I went back into the house, my wife was getting ready for bed, I got her to come to the window and showed her where two of them were and asked her to ask them by thought to flash their lights and they did.  It was very exciting! All is well here in Canada, I hope it is the same for you.  Warm regards and blessings.

This is Mark in Littleton Colorado. I saw a very distinct cloud ship yesterday to the northwest. (that would be south east of Denver). it was beautiful, so distinctly different than all the other clouds in the sky. it was very very cool. our galactic brothers and sisters are here to help us. Much love and many blessings.

Last night my wife and I went to bed early. To 00.30u I woke up. I decided to read . My mails Your mails I often click away unopened . This time I opened it and immediately took the trouble to load the images. To my surprise and joy was about woljenschepen . My wife and I are wondering for months whether the "cloud ships " a message , or we invent but what. Yesterday we stated that the decision had to be a message ! Earlier we asked ourselves whether the reason we are here aankoppelden something said something about us. Finally, we know that we are not the only ones this phenomenon so indicate. We even wondered if the spacecraft are in another dimension. In the future I will work harder to read. Mails you We seem to sit the same frequency. We are Dutch living in Spain. We think there is a reason for that is that we have moved. Last year in three weeks to Spain. Kind regards , Erik & Jeannette.

I so appreciate all you share, having followed you for years, along with the Galactic Federation... Mike Quinsey.... and the like.  I must say, however, after reading for so long, I see no action...nothing changes.  We get our hopes up, thinking something is about to open up to the see the divinity in all that is.  So, when these channelings and sharing of information come to us, we are inspired, yet only to be disappointed as nothing comes to fruition.  What do you suggest we do to keep our hopes up?  Hard to believe any of this will come to pass.  How is it that you continue to put this information out? Blessings, Gloria. (The information that I received from Ashtar in response is: There are many reasons that the information does not always correlate with what is seen and heard about. One of those reasons is that the times change in an instant and it can have effect on anything that is in manifestation. It is a matter of being in the openness that is fertile for change and for the acceptance of what comes. it is usually a matter of something more of benefit than would have come. As far as being able to tell what is going to happen for sure, it is a matter of seeing what is already in progress and going from there in the flowing energy of what will be given enough energy and attention to manifest it. Nancy: Glad you asked. I send out information that resonates with me, as do others. I also understand why you ask. It is a matter of being in acceptance and not setting oneself up for disappointment. the energy of creation is full of potential as thoughts and ideas begin to manifest, and continue or not, according to the degree of attention given it.)

Saw a fabulous one in Palm Desert CA, Karen & Jim

Yes Nancy, I saw the space craft yesterday in Oro Valley, AZ 85737.....AWESOME! Roger

Hi Nancy my name is Ian. I saw the cloudships; I live in Mesa AZ, I have seen them many times. I have pics, and one pic that I have is a ship quarter mile long. Look forward to hearing from you. Ian

I miss your bi-weekly calls, but love getting occasional newsletters and email updates from you!  You stated in your email today about the ships yesterday in the clouds.  I live in a suburb northwest of Denver, and I have been seeing so many of them in the past few months!  I don't always have my camera available, but have taken pics of many the past few years.  Have been seeing many groups of ships that are often surrounding one larger ship and sometimes not.  It's so obvious (to me) and I get excited.  Often I wave and talk to them, not caring what others think from afar.  I have been seeing many ships almost daily the past few weeks.  Bev 

Saw cloud ships from where I am viewing in Narre Warren Melbourne, Victoria Australia. And also at 20.00 hours same day saw that the ship new Jerusalem was very big I mean closer than usual. Regards,  Alphonse.

A month ago I was going to bed and I looked out my country window; no lights and thought how nice it would be to see ' our friends '. Then a light came on in the sky, you understand timing, and there is no way it could have been anything else. I then thought if you are real, disappear and that is what happened, poof.  They were just showing their support.  Keep up the good work !!!  You and Ashtar  :-)  Love, Davy Jones and ex pat yank living in the highlands of Scotland,  one very lucky man. So ready for a change but still enjoying the moment !!!

Yes, we had many small round shape clouds here in San Francisco Bay-area too, yesterday afternoon about 4.30, and I have never seen such  round shape clouds here, only  in Mount Shasta area.....also at the same time rise a strong gusty wind, from nowhere, and it went on hauling the whole night and is till hauling....What to make of it, I think the comet Ison has something to do with it...also seven volcanoes have erupted around the world within hours from each other, in the past several days....lets keep in touch and thanks for the post! Armi

Good day! My husband and I have seen the ships since 1990 when we lived in the Tehachapi Mountains. They were big and beautiful ! They started to spread out sporadically over the years, and over a vast amount of cities. We have always felt their kindness and their telepathic communication. We always knew that they were assisting us in balancing the faults to prevent major catastrophic earthquakes, here in CA. I awoke this morning to have 2 big ships greet me as I opened our upstairs bedroom blinds. As soon as I welcomed them and said good morning they moved slightly north south, probably to greet someone else! Thank you so much to our sky friends and their service to us and mankind! Namaste! Penny in SOCAL

I just read your Ashtar update on Galactic Connection web site regarding Cloud Ships.  I live in Northern Colorado and this past Tuesday (November 19th) our skies were filled with Cloud Ships.  We had a snow storm arrive late Wednesday so the skies have been cloudy and snowy with little visibility.  Made my heart happy to see the ships (instead of chem-trails) fill the skies on Tuesday believing that we are getting close to the Event!  Thank you for the work you do to uplift the masses.  We are grateful.  Nameste' Calie

The ships were beautiful, and there were MANY!  My daughter is 11 years old, and we were amazed at the beauty and grandeur of all of them in the sky.  It was truly magical... more than I have ever seen before. With much love, Mary

Posted mine on Facebook, but it was a day or two before over Southern Santa Fe. I took a rapid succession of 3 photos. 2 had a ship coming from the large space ship cloud. I'm at work and many of your postings won't allow me to access. I'll look when I'm home this weekend at all your pictures. Cheryl

Many thanks for this present message as well as for the previous ones. Are there any plans for appearance of cloudships above the SKY OF GREECE, so my fellow humans may be informed about their real existence and of the soon change of "reality???" LOVE, Lefteris (Athens-Greece) (There are plans for the appearance of cloudships over every part of the world at various times, according to the energy of distinct enmeshing of the energetic patterning.)

I didn't get any photos - as I thought that I saw cloud ships all the time; its only on my second thought that I remembered there was more than met the eye at the time. Would have been about 3-4 in the afternoon, maybe, 6-7 at night. Depends, it was either before I started work, or on my break, as my memory serves. What I am sure of, there were two ships floating, one closer, and lower, the other, further, and higher, almost watching the first one, as it was watching me. Though, of course, there was no actual interaction. Pretty sure they werent there just for me anyways. I just kind of saw them also. :) But, I felt warm, and almost as if everyone knew they were there. Then I returned to what I was doing. This was definitely more profound than most things Ive seen before. There was one experience I had, in September, where a cloud, in very harsh winds, came and sat above me for 15 minutes. All the other clouds nearby were rushing away. Anyways, thought Id share my experience. Did definitely see two ships in my town. :) Peace, Josh.