We Are Now Living in Patagonia AZ, 9/2014

We moved from our home in Hereford AZ to our new home in Patagonia. Here we are being inspired to create a whole new paradigm in our lives. We will be bringing more to you as the times progress.

Here is an example of the pictures we have which you can see on the Slideshow part of the 'tree'. Patagonia is a wonderful town and we are meeting some beautiful people. I will be bringing more news about our new hometown and what we will be doing here. Till then we are enjoying the people, and the surrounding lands with all of the wondrous beauty that is here.



Nancy's Poems Over the Years in the Southwest

  06-21-18: See Intro Below: Spring Is Here, Give Of Your Love, See Intro Below: Live The Power of Love, Freedom in Love, George Bush Poem, Our Moment of Bliss, Happiness, St. Patrick's Day Blarney, New Morning of Life, The Magic of Love, St. Germain, Dec 12, 2017, The Pole-air Bear, St. Germain, Dec 14, 2004, Forever Bliss, Peace First, From Afar, Living in Love, Eight Smirky Turkeys, Pebbles in The Pond, The Way It Goes, Utmost Tranquility, Mozart Visiting, St. Germain, Dec 13, 2006, Winds of Change, St. Germain, Dec 18, 2003, Essence of The Windfall, The Road Back, Sunlit Gold, Isaiah's Song, Hug a Tree, Band of the Chosen Few, The Blueberry Field, A Bright New Day, Stand By Me, Valentine's Day Duet, Unity, Wondrous Love, The Return, Graceful Morning, Take A Minute, Together, It Is I, I'll Be There, Mind of The Eagle, Summer, Sunrise,  Pink Flower, Cedarville CA, Wandering, Joyous Tribute, A Tree, A Poem for Mom, A Day Like Today, Soul of Love, Dispassionate Observer, Gray Feather, A Dream, Acorn's Promise, If A Tree Falls, Lightning, The New Eagle, Remember When, Mission, Love Expressed

5-20-12: Celebrate the Solar Eclipse, with this poem, 'The Lilac Speaks', by Nancy


06-21-18: I'm finally back with a new poem, and even though Spring has been here for about 3 months I felt that this poem, which was 'in the works' back in March, needed to be completed for this time in our lives.

I've received this response from a wonderful lady in Montreal; I just had to share it with you!

Dear Nancy, I don't know why but this morning I woke up with the irresistable urge to danse all by myself! I put on the divine piano music I love to listen to and started to waltz all over the appartement and doing Tai Chi movements and rythmic breathing. I am overflowing with Love! My Cup runneth over... again! So I put on my huge Light wings and spread the Love in all directions for all to receive. Tears of Joy flow freely as I flap my wings and deLight in the movement and the flow of the body as the Heart overflows with Joy. Then I received your poem! I guess I'm in tune with the universal energies and huge waves of Light we are receiving from Source. Thank you for your wonderful Work of Light and Love. Louise, Montreal, Canada

10-08-17: When I first sat down at my computer this morning to be inspired to create something to send out to all of you, after a few moments the first 4 words came to me and I knew it must be a poem awaiting my creation. So I went on with it, and here is is for you all to read. I must add that as I was finishing the editing on it I realized that this was the perfect piece for me to use to include a song that a dear friend sent to me recently. I have the video of the song and lyrics for your enjoyment. You will see it at the end of this poem for you to click on and enjoy. I feel that the words are a wonderful example of the energies of today, as to what this poem says. It is 'Huey Lewis and The News' singing The Power of Love.  

08-19-17: After Sending out the George Bush Poem, on 06-21-17, I received an email yesterday from a dear lady saying, "I don't get the poem. I do feel they are a very dark family, amongst others." That was understandable to me, for a lot of people must have that same question. I also understood what was behind the whole story of the Bush family, and others on the planet. So this is what I sent to her from my higher self, in response to her question.

I understand what you are saying; however as I was writing the poem, in 2003 I also was feeling the soul side of Mr. Bush, and all that he was experiencing on that level. He was expressing what he was going through because of his choice to come to this planet and play the part he agreed to. He also knew that at one time he would be able to step out of the mess he had been playing in and walk into the trueness of his origin of being a blessed one, as we all were when were created. This is an example of what our life experience here on earth has been, and is coming to a change in the coming expressions of our planned evolvement. When we feel the Love that is surrounding all of Creation, then we can understand how Love is the most powerful energy that can bring all of life back to the Source of Creation in Love.

06-21-17: I have been inspired to send this poem, George Bush Poem, out today because of the energies that are taking place in these times of change for all of us. I wrote the poem for the day in 2003 after an online friend had sent me some pieces he had written for a book he was writing about President George Bush. These pieces inspired me to follow what I was hearing within, and so I wrote this poem from that inner voice.

05-07-17: As I began to write my new poem for the day, Our Moment of Bliss, I realized that it was not coming through in the usual Poetry way, so I just let it come and created a new way of expressing it. Here it is for you all to enjoy!

12-21-16: After the Santa call with Zaraya and Quazar this past Sunday, with Zorra and Santa bringing forth interesting information about Santa, it came to me yesterday unexpectedly to begin a poem. As it began I knew that it referred to some of the information that came through us from Santa, including where his home is at the north pole and also that the polar bear is a part of his mission. The Pole-air Bear refers to the essence of the location.

03-01-16: This morning while Bob and I were sitting at the breakfast table Cassie was outside and began barking at the front gate. I looked out and saw, to my delight, wild turkeys gobbling up pieces of food from Mother Earth. I called Cassie in, and then looked out again. I felt to go to another window, and I counted as 8 of them ventured past the fence, on up the road. My heart jumped with joy! I had not seen any wild turkeys here except for a couple times in a small field about a mile outside of town. What a way to start the day! As I returned to the table the poem started speaking to me, and I knew I had to create a new Poem For the Day, Eight SmirkyTurkeys.

10-19-15: I received this poem, Mozart Visiting, from Spirit in 2001, when I was staying in a woman's RV and helping her out with her land. She is the dear friend who eventually gifted me with Toshiro.

08-12-15: Over the years as I have received a message from St. Germain occasionally he would gift us with a poem. Today I have posted here what is probably the first poem that he presented to us, on Dec 18, 2003.

04-22-15: 'Today is Earth Day, a time for us all to honor and give back to nature. To celebrate this special day, thousands of supporters like you are standing up for forests. Join them and make a statement today by participating in our #hugatree awareness campaign'

I received this (above) from World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They bring forth their 'Hug a Tree' movement, which inspired me to do just that. You can go and travel through their website at http://www.worldwildlife.org

It also inspired me to write the poem 'Hug A Tree', which I present to you here today, along with the picture from Bob of me, with Cassie, hugging a tree in our yard, with the hummingbird feeder joining in our support.

04-13-15: Today while going through my poems and other writings I found one, The Blueberry Field, that spoke to me of one of the days a couple summers before moving out to the southwest from Maine. I was relaxing after work at my favorite place to go swimming and blueberrying. It was late afternoon and still pleasant in the sun and the waters of the river there about 4:00 o'clock. After swimming and looking forward to the picnic lunch I had brought, I felt inspired to write this piece, which I have chosen for the poem of the day.

02-14-15: In searching for the poem for today I realized there wasn't one that suited the day, so I decided to write the poem today. As I was beginning to write it, I felt St. Germain's presence. I continued writing and still felt him, although I also felt that I too was creating the poem as I went along. When I finished I wondered, who wrote it and why did I feel I had to change a few words. Then I heard St. Germain tell me, "We both wrote it! It is our Valentine's Day Duet!"

09-27-14: Our dear friend/being, Red Jacket, who is with us in this new venture says to all of you at this moment, "You will all see the beauty of the coming times in the essence of the wonder that you all emit from the central sun within your hearts and souls. It is the wonder of wonders that you all are destined for."

08-25-14: In my search for a poem today to share with all of you, I came across one that I had written while in Patagonia AZ in 2006. Bob and I were there to visit with some people whom we were led to by a friend. The man was near ready to make his transition to 'the other side'. I awoke that morning with the words of a poem coming to me. I knew that it was meant for this man, so I asked Bob to get my recorder.

It's interesting the timing of this, because Patagonia is going to be our new hometown. We will be moving there into into our next home, a strawbale house, on Sept 10. We will be sharing it with a dear friend, who will be part of a future project on some land outside the town that we have been led to. You will be hearing about it in the coming times. Till then we will make this new place our home.

As I was reading the words this morning, I realized that it could be speaking to one who is about to return to 'heaven', or to one who is about to create a heaven on earth. This poem speaks to me, as it did in another way to the man who transitioned a short time after I read the poem to him. I realize now that it was a timeline that corresponded with this one, and that the newness of the energy behind it is about to spring forth, not only for us, but for all of humanity all over the globe. Each of us will have our heaven on earth, whether it is is in Patagonia AZ, Timbuktu, or any other place on this beautiful earth. See above to click on the name of the poem for today, 'Sunrise'.

06-25-14: Sitting outside this morning enjoying my breakfast with nature, Cassie called my attention to two roadrunner birds. One was in the tree over to the right of me and the other was on the fence across from the tree. before I moved from Maine to the southwest, back in the fall of 1995, one of my friends told me to watch for roadrunners because they held a message for me. Seeing them this morning reminded me of something that I wrote about birds in general and others of mother nature's family soon after coming to explore the Bisbee AZ area.  Read Here

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01-11-14: Message from Andulasua, Star Mother of the Sacred Lands of Gaia

Cloudships over Hereford AZ Area on Nov 20,13, with Message from Ashtar