Hi Dear Ones,

A dear friend, Bill, sent Bob and me information about an International Star Knowledge Conference in Miami FL and a Global Peace Prayer Wave to be held today. You may go here for more info on it: http://www.starknowledgeconference.com  As I was looking for more information on it, I kept feeling that there was someone who wanted to speak through me. You will see below what came.


 Message From Andulasua, 1-11-14


We are here with you today to let you know that back in the century of two millennia ago, we were in the land where you are right now. We made a pilgrimage through the mountains and lands surrounding them and we went on into the land now known as Mexico to travel the lands before coming back into the land east of here, against the waters of the great ocean where we then became a light for the lands of the people in that time.


While we were here, we came to the many peoples who were in the range of our mission and gave them the holy sacraments that told them that there would one day come to their land a piece of paper that would glorify their purpose in being here. That paper is now here in its glory and in its original aspect of the treasures of this land and what it will mean to the people of the rest of the nation as the openness expands beyond the constraints that it is even now in.


There will come a time when there will be no constraints. In that time it will be seen that there are no boundaries amoung the people and that will be expressed throughout the lands of this sacred Gaia. It will be the reality in which all of life on earth will be sacred and in harmony with each other. This paper of time will have been crumpled and fed to the fires of peace and harmony, and all will be in everlasting glory for the whole of creation.


This land that you are in right now is the starting point for what I speak of in these days of retribution and the coming back to wholeness of Gaia and all of her family on earth. It will be spoken in the hearts and minds of all who are involved in the release of the minions of the old way of seeing things. It will be in the hands of the chosen few to begin the wholeness in person and in the heartness of the land.


I tell you now that you will awaken to what it is that your part holds in the sacred beginnings of the freedom that is inherent within all of you. It will be as a grand awakening that will spell forth the words and actions that will bring about the clarity that is the eye-opener for all of humanity. It will equal that knowledge that the animal kingdom has been showing forth in the ways that have been mistaken in some cases and totally seen in others.


The animals will find their place in the mission to be already in progress and they will give of themselves in a way that shows the people what they have forgotten about the animals and their power to bring back the energy of the love, peace and joy of all of existence on this land.


I now close my message to you and give you the knowledge of the sacred journey that you are on at this time.  I am Andulasua, Star Mother of the tribes of the sacred lands of Gaia, and I speak for Mother Earth, Gaia and all of her family. Walk in the shoes of the sacred ones and feel the 'homecalming' that shows you the way.