Wondrous Love


I am seeing this wonderful sight

As I stand alone this night

It is round and fully alight

In the beauty of truth

And with the wonder of no fright


I go to sleep at last

And dream of sweet times past

I see the visions of

The old regime

In a newer and lighted dream


I see beings lead me on

To the new adventurous song

That tells of promises kept

And times I never wept

Over sweet tales never told


With wonders that I see

I feel the awesome untold glee

Of things I remember now

As I moved forth the plow

That helped me make them grow


Into the spacious growing fields

Turning up the unexpected truth

Of what our lives can be

As the inner glow of love redeems

And reflects the outer dreams


It shall be this way here and now

For as we see the inner plow

Of clarity sweep the ground

Of old stuff all unwound

We'll know we've found ourselves


In groves of wonders still untold

That now are being uniquely sowed

In a tapestry of truth that clears

All the old fear base of tears

And washes away the tales of old


From each and every open face

As the smiles come shining through

All the clouds now sing anew

Of the Love for me and you

From clear Divinity up above


So go forth Dear Loved Ones

And never more doubt your strength

Live the Love of beautiful wings

And all the joy it brings

As you flow in light and Wondrous Love


Nancy Tate, 01/2015