Valentines Day Duet


As I sit here and ponder thus

I see the things that I must trust

I go to work and find the way

To carry forth throughout the day

I thank the lord with love in my heart

And I know that never

Shall we ever part.

For he is me and I am him

Every person is on the Limb

Of the tree of Love from up above

And it is so, through all in Love.

So come my dear ones to the throne

And carry forth to your new Home

For it is here, and grand it be

For I am speaking through the tree

From limb to limb we carry forth

And now I speak in my own truth

Celebrate this day of Love and Light

And carry forth to your delight

For all is here for you to live

And see the beauty in every leaf.

I give forth Joy to all above

And stand with you in all my Love.


St. Germain & Nancy, 2015