Poem For the Day

Utmost Tranquility


As the days are filled with promise

And the nights are filled with glee

That means that times are changing

For all the world to see

There is a coming promise

Of laughter and of peace

And when that makes it's way into

Our lives we'll all release

That which has kept us bound

And in a life astray

Indeed that will be changed

Into the new free way

Of living life in harmony

With Love in every day

So come my dears and join the group

Of ones who see the joy

Of beauty in every flower and tree

And every girl and boy

For this is our promised freedom

Our new way of loving earth

As we join with all the others

And bring on the brand new birth

Of the way that it was meant to be

Through our hands, and hearts to see

Our newfound capability

 In utmost tranquility.


Nancy Tate

Nov 02, 2015

Posted, 11-02-15