Poem For the Day

The Way it Goes


Did you ever consider the possibility

Of going to sleep one day

Then awakening to a brand new morn

With dreams along the way

That told of promises that we'll keep

With us and you and all

Of life and oneness in Love and joy

For every girl and boy?


Well now my dears, the time is near

And we'll be winding through

The utmost fun and curiosity

In all that we once knew

It will be here; it will be there

Throughout the biosphere

We know our place in this human race

Is about to be so clear


We'll see the wonder that we create

And all that we have known

We'll know for sure that it is more

Than plans and schemes and fate

It is the winding through the times

That we can see and hear,

That have spoken from the best

And all will stand and cheer


In the heavens and round the bend

We'll know it is the beginning

Of new and boundless things we'll do

In all of our power of winning

What isn't really considered to be

The end of all that we do

It is but the beginning

And we will see it through


So go my friends into the day

And know that you are one

With everything and everyone

Who ever came our way

Look around and see the sun

In every phase that flows

And know that you are all that is

Cause that's the way it goes.


Nancy Tate

November, 2015

Posted 11-18-15