The Magic of Love


There is in its way, each and every day,

The wondrous magic of love

It is sending the message, in its merry way

As it flies like the dove up above


There’s no way to deny, every tear in the eye

Is the letting go of pain and remorse

When one sees the energy lift up to the sky

And glide along the path of the horse.


To move in their own speed of promise and joy

All it takes is to see the uplifting way

For the steps of ease for every girl and boy

To ride over the pathways of the day


It is for you and me to emit forth our glow

Among those who have the desire

When they feel that their life goes so slow

To love their lives, and feel so much higher


For what they felt just a moment ago

In coming to the threshold of today

Is already done and the new one has begun

As they live their next moves in their way.


So come now my friends and family of now

And move in the moment that is

Discover the growth that is moved by the plow

Of living the moment in bliss


For that will bring you to the end of chagrin

And will tell you that love is the answer

When you wonder what brought the old ways in,

And the new ways in with the dancer.


You’ll see the grand picture of how it will be

Through the mirror of Spirit and grace

When you feel the truth of peace, awe and glee

In the heart and the smile on every face.



By Nancy Tate, Feb 23, 2017