The Blueberry Field


It is so peaceful here. I have it all to myself. What a wonderful restorative place. As I sit midst the juicy sapphire bounty, with the breeze gently stirring the grasses that are at eye level, I gaze at the Bigelow Mountains, the mid-summer haze softening their majestic beauty. I feel as one with the wonder that surrounds me. Can there be any better way to spend a late summer afternoon?


I sit refreshed after a cleansing dip in the river. A feast for the body awaits in front of me. A feast for the soul is all around me. Do you know what is so wonderful about all this beauty? It's that it's free, yet I can own it, just as anyone else can own it. It's here for everyone to enjoy.


How many people have been in this same place, as I sit here now, and found their own magic, their own understanding of what is before them? How many aching hearts, how many crying souls, how many troubled minds, how many joyful spirits. How many peaceful moments have found home in this wondrous place where I share ownership with the world?


This is my Garden of Eden. The blueberries are my jewels; the crows that fly overhead, my symphony; the soft ground with the blanket of grasses, my bed; the fluttering leaves of the trees that surround me, the gentle protection against overload of sun and man-sound. Even the dragonfly that comes for a momentary visit is welcomed with a curiosity of sharing.


To be able to tune in to the murmur of the field life awakens a new sense of being one with all that is real. I look forward to gathering the blue gift that is given happily from the inhabitants that make this the special place that it is. I am indeed richer to be able to carry some of this wonderful place home with me. It will serve as a reminder of the restorative power of this place, where I have so often come when I have need to cleanse my soul and body, to restore my spirit, and to rejoice in nature's miracle of beauty.


The berries beckon, so here I go.