Six eyes upon the scene did fix

As a blaze of glory

Burst across the sky.

Where was I when this beauty did resound?

Was I enraptured in the days that have gone by?


I trouble not, when those beside me stir

And give their cries

Onto the blazing sky.

For I too wonder at how it all began.

And I stand in silence, my feet upon the land.


My heart soars onward into the arms of God.

For I am troubled not

By all that I have done.

I breeze off to this fine place,

And gaze upon the Grace of new beginnings.


For me there are no tears, no solace needed,

For I am come to glory.

And reaching out

My fingers meld with colors in the sky.

I become the newness that touches you and I.


I step into the new life while standing here on earth

And I know that I am home,

And I give a wider berth

To all the secrets stored inside that tell me of their tale

Of things that I shall be doing and all that I shall hale


Along the way of new beginnings and deeds

That I shall do

For now I know

In this blaze of color all my dreams shall come true,

And I shall be standing here with you.


By Nancy Tate