A dear friend sent me the link to a wonderful video. As I was listening I felt inspired to write something so I just let it come, as always. You can listen to the video Here and read below what came to me in today's poem.

Stand By Me


When you stand by me you stand by everybody.

You stand by the waters; you stand by the animals;

 You stand by the rivers and the oceans,

You stand by the trees and the flowers.

You stand by the mountains and the gullies.

You stand by the brothers and sisters,

You stand by the doggies and the kitties, the deer and the antelope.

You stand by anything and anyone that is another part of you,

For we all are.

We are all in the same Loving Kindness

That is the Divine essence of Life.

We rest with each other and we dance with each other.

We sing and we clap, and we give to each other

In every little gesture that is saying I love you.

We stand by all of life

And we stand by all of the energy of anything

 And anyone who was with us in body

And is now still with us in Spirit.

Stand by me and you stand by the God of All.

We are one.

As you stand by each other you stand by me.


Nancy Tate, 2015