Poem For the Day

St. Patrick’s Day Blarney


Tis a day like tomorrow

That comes by the glen

When first we parted,

Then came back again.


T’was a lasting impression I made

With my love,

With tattered suspenders

And top hat and glove.


She ner’ win my over,

Or shew me she care

When once I did come by

And woo her so fair.


But then I drew nearer

And kissed her fair cheek;

She felt for me heartstrings

And gave them a tweek.


Her eyes they did sparkle

And her cheeks they did blaze

And soon I was walking

Down the aisle in a daze.


 A mug o’ me best brew

In one hand held high

Her hanky in t’other

And a gleam in me eye.


So go to the ends of the

Earth if you may;

Just don’t say I didn’t warn ye

To stay dead away


From the likes o’ the moonshine

And twinkle of day,

That comes round a courting

On any fine day.


Copyright, 03/06/03

Nancy Tate